We all love auctions, don’t we? or at least watch an auction happening. In the auction industry and many auction company, sometimes some things are sold more than their actual value and sometimes vice versa.

It all depends on the item that is being auctioned and what value it has. Not the price, but the value due to its rare available or due to its authenticity or simply because it used to in use ages ago but is no longer available or made. And since it benefits both the seller and the bidder, it’s a win-win situation where both parties benefit from it. Apart from the auctioning and biding, the auctions are a great place to socialize, too, as people with similar interests would often show up if an antique is on Auction.

Since these days everything is available online, auctions are also available online. Many websites sell or hold auctions online, and customers bid. However, the most prominent is Enlisted Auctions. You can visit info enlistedauctions.com to know more about the auctions that are being held. These are under various categories like Auctions Hidden treasures gallery, auctions cold springs gallery, and many more. You can also find more info on the website like contact information location etc. There are a lot of pages on the website info enlistedauctions.com to check.

Enlisted auctions went a notch higher and created an application for ease of use. It will be even more convenient to sell and bid in the Application, just with a click of a button, and you can do so from anywhere anytime. In today’s article, we will give insights into the Enlisted Auctions App and how it can benefit you to auction or bid on any product that you like.

Enlisted Auctions – Auction Company in Stuarts Draft

Speaking about the start, this company was founded by Ben Yoder. Ben Yoder was an army veteran and has been awarded many prestigious awards like West Virginia Auctioneers Association President, Virginia Bid calling Champion, Nationally Certified Estate Specialist, Certified Auction Technology Specialist, Virginia Auctioneer of the year, National Auctioneers Association, and many more. Ten years later, in the year 2019, Kervin Yoder purchased the company and became the owner. The company is based out in Stuarts Draft, VA 24477 preview. It has been since holding many auctions successfully. You can get all the details about the current auctions held if you visit their website.

The website also gives information about the completed auctions; you can use the id search option to check out the auctions that you want on the company page. All the items and real estate listings that have been sold out or are currently being auctioned are mentioned on the website. It has also garnered huge positive customer feedback about the buying experience and many followers on social media handle like Facebook and Twitter.

Enlisted Auctions Apk

Steps to Download Enlisted Auctions App on Apple App Store

  • Step 1: You need first to open the App Store on your device.
  • Step 2: In the search bar, type ” Enlisted Auctions,” and you will find the app quite easily as there is no other app with the name in the category.
  • Step 3: Click on “Get” or the download icon, whichever is present.
  • Step 4: It will take identification and process further with the download.
  • Step 5: Once downloaded, it will be present in the app drawer, or you can search for it too.
  • Step 6: Open the app and register yourself.

Steps to Download Enlisted Auctions App on Play Store

Download Enlisted Auctions Apk


Enlisted Auctions Apk Information

App NameEnlisted Auctions
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
File Size20.08 MB
DeveloperBidwrangler LLC
Operating SystemAndroid 4 or Above

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How to use the Enlisted Auctions App

Once you have registered, you will find the list of auctions that are currently accepting bids, like Hidden Treasures Gallery or Tinkling Springs Gallery, or Wholesale Auction. The listings have all the information like the address, mostly in 1210 cold springs rd or tinkling spring rd in Stuarts Draft VA; however, if there are other locations, those are mentioned in the description.

The description has info about when the Auction is being started and when it will accept the bid. If you wish to bid, there is an option called “Request to Bid,” using that, you can place your bids. You can get the asking price and highest bids on the same page itself of the Enlisted Auctions app.

The app menu is on the right-hand side, and it further opens to options like Messages, Settings, Terms of Use, and Sign Out. On scrolling down on the homepage, you will find past auctions too.

This is very convenient as you do not have to be physically present to attend the antique Auction you have your eye on. You can be literally anyplace in the world and still be a part of the Auction.

The app is readily available on Apple App Store and also on Google play. Below we have given the steps that you can follow to download the Enlisted Auctions App.

About the Enlisted Auctions App

The app is minimalist and yet quite efficient. Although you compare it to the website, the website is quite vast and has more information than the app. But if you think about the main function that is checking out the ongoing Auction and bidding can do seamlessly on the app.

You can find all the auctions going on, whether it is about the Currency auction, Lifetime collection of Antique furniture collectibles, p Buckley moss prints, Barrister Bookcase, VA chevy Silverado, workout equipment, and many more. The only requirement is registration, which is extremely simple. You only need to put your name and email address and create a password once you are registered.


Enlisted Auctions is a great and unique app that puts your mind to ease regarding auctions. Now you don’t need to go all the way to the auction site only to find that the items that you want to bid for are sold. You can sit in the comfort of your own home or even be in a business meeting and still bid on the item that you want to make a part of your collection.

The app is very clean and extremely simple to use and understand. So we suggest you don’t let that antique go out of your hand and quickly download this app.