Fans of the RPG genre are among the most loyal fans of games of different genres. Whether it’s Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, players spend dozens of hours creating characters, going through storylines, and simply enjoying the process.


The best mobile RPGs

RPG, among other things, was one of the first game genres that have been transferred as successfully as possible both to Android and to the world of slot machines, where everyone can try their luck in real cash casino games

Our article offers you an overview of the best games in this format available on Android.

1. Man or Vampire

Chinese Free-2-Play smartphone games – just five words in that sentence, and how much disgust, my goodness. It seems that the Chinese mobile games and quality – things are incompatible, and in the free crafts Asian game industry should play only with rubber gloves so as not to get dirty again. But there are always lovely exceptions, and free strategy RPG Man or Vampire is the best example.

For starters, we can note the visuals, which are not 10 out of 10 but look more than neat, except that you have to play with binoculars to consider the character models on small smartphones. Also, Man or Vampire has a unique feature – in this turn-based party game, every character can become human or vampire at your will, which will give a unique advantage and change the rules of pumping a partner. The combat system may look elementary, but thanks to many settings and an abundance of at first glance, not obvious mechanics wander into the fields of severe tactical role-playing. Other features include PvP and a surprisingly unobtrusive donation for free mobile games. Yes, it happens.

2. Eternium

But if you like dynamic role-playing games, we can suggest Eternium as a free alternative that follows all the Diablo clones. The essence of the gameplay is simple – unleash all the power of your fingers on your enemies, ram them to death, pick up the loot, pump up and repeat until the final credits. It’s a typical Groundhog Day, but Eternium has a few critical advantages over its competitors in the mobile market.

First and foremost, the voice acting and quality soundtrack. The developers did not want to bear the shameful stigma of yet another Diabloids cobbled together at the knees and approached the game’s development in great detail. Almost all of Eternium’s phrases are voiced by professional actors, and the background music plays placatingly, which is sometimes interrupted by juicy sounds of swords hitting enemy carcasses. Remarkable because especially considering the ungodly competitors and a very decent visual performance of the game. The gameplay is also at an excellent level, and despite the limited choice of classes from a thief, mage, and warrior standard for Diablo, drug gameplay will cause your lack of sleep.

3. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Today nobody can be convinced by nanotechnology, but the nano version of the Final Fantasy XV is another matter. And to Square Enix’s credit, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition came out just a model mini version of the large-scale game because, for the first time in a long time, we are offered not just a nauseating arcade-based on the motives, but a complex multi-hour adventure.

Kawaii Nano’s version of Final Fantasy XV, despite the simplifi and the simplified graphics, can experience the original game from consoles and PC. For 14 chapters, we will have to pass the way of Noctis and his friends, untangling another tangle of political intrigue in the world of Final Fantasy. The game, by the way, is more fun than it sounds. The voice acting, combat system, and numerous mechanics have been lovingly preserved and, if possible, remade for the mobile platform.

4. Titan Quest

I want to conclude our tabloid theme with a mobile port of the cult Titan Quest. Although my words may seem obvious to many old-school gamers, if you’re looking for a way to forget about the natural world and a full-fledged Diablo replacement on your smartphone, then, by all means, don’t take Titan Quest for granted.

The developers have managed to bring to mobile platforms the game of 2006 without the slightest change, including great graphics, an abundance of loot, the system of pumping, where you have to develop two classes simultaneously, and the ability to feel like a little Kratos, arranging the genocide creatures of Greek, Egyptian and Asian mythology. Among the shortcomings of the add-on Immortal Throne and multiplayer mode, but in the genre of Hack-n-Slash project is almost unequaled, so if you are still looking at other clones of Diablo and bypassed the attention of Titan Quest, we want to remember the immortal phrase from GTA 4: Why eat pigweed, when there are potatoes?

5. Crashlands

Crashlands is another hit for smartphones, which we want to recommend to you and especially to all those who have just turned away from the typical stories about saving the land. You want to make a boondoggle after the clutter of such stories, but thanks to the gods of mobile game-making for Crashlands.

In this paid game, the story is mainly typical – we have a hero, Flux, who is fitting for a loser in life, who crashes on an unknown planet. The main objective is to collect a starship from the junk and leave his home planet with Netflix and Pornhub as soon as possible. But the developers do not play the second Bioware, and almost in every dialogue ridicule themselves, offering a kind of comedy in a sci-fi setting. As for gameplay, everything is on a high level: we have a smattering of elements of survival, simple action, a builder, and crafting in the style of the latest masterpieces from Bethesda. It seems simple, but the hidden presentation of the story, tons of humor, creative quests, and diverse gameplay pull the game to the top.