Bid Wars MOD 2020

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions and Pawn Shop Tycoon

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Bid Wars MOD Apk – Storage Auctions And Pawn Shop Tycoon

Bid Wars MOD – Storage Auctions (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a game in which you take on a trendy business that flourishes in the United States. Buy garages that contain something valuable from a list and then sell products in dozens or even hundreds of times at a higher price.


Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020
Bid Wars MOD 2020

The essence of the game is to purchase carts in which useful resources and antiques are present. Each player does not know what he will get there, so you have to rely on your luck and try not to go bankrupt! The extraordinary features of this application make this game a unique experience for all individual users.

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How To Play The Game?

In Bid Wars MOD, your intuition becomes your most valuable weapon! You have to enter the exciting auction world and find strange and rare objects in places you wouldn’t expect! You can get from an old basketball or toilet paper roll to lost treasures, inventory full of items, and objects! Earn a lot of cash in garage sales and become a legend yourself.

In the game, the goal of the player is to earn the highest profit. The player goes to auctions, bid on items, outbid others, and make the profit by selling items on the pawnshop. Your opponents might try to throw you out of the auction by trying to increase the amount of bid. But you have to outbid your opponents, use your thinking and bid only on useful units, and take over the auction.

The higher you profit, the better the auctions become! You can get in exclusive events, travel to the top cities, and meet the best auctioneers.

Select a storage facility on the map and start bidding! You and your bid opponents will have just a few moments to take a look at the units. You have to place your bet and hope to find interesting things in case you win. The veteran bidder Alice will help you through this exciting game! As you earn money, you can improve your reputation among the hunters and participate in different events!

In the game, there are over 200 items to be found, and all of them are rare and antique items from different collections. A casino game that will challenge the best gamblers and bidders, and there are thousands of unique customers! If you enjoy garage and yard sales, you will love this game! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.

Download Bid Wars MOD Apk

To download the Bid wars mod apk file, you can access it from many different apk sites. Follow this link to download the apk file:

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Bid Wars MOD Apk File Info

App Name Bid Wars MOD Installs 10,000,000+
Category Simulation Apk Size 146 MB
Version 2.36.4 Price Free
Developer Tapps Games Android Version 4.o and up
Updated 20 October 2020 Content Rating Rated for 3+

What’s New?

News in your Bid Wars! More bugs and annoyances resolved! Thank you for your preference! Don't forget to leave a new review, your feedback is precious!

Bid Wars Mod Apk Game Tips:

In the beginning, you cannot access the pawnshop. There is a restriction that can be removed by reaching level 8. There are some terms that you need to know: –

  • Facility
  • Units
  • Items both common and rare
  • Reputation level
  • Auctions
  • Pawn Shop
  • Upgrade
  • Energy
  • Facility or levels of the game:

At each level, you get tasks that you have to complete. Tasks like defeat opponents two times, collect rare items, and much more. You have to complete these tasks to unlock the next levels. It is necessary to achieve the objective. You can even complete the work in the first attempt, or sometimes it may take you up to 5-6 attempts.


Units determine the collection of items. There is no fixed number of units. When the auction starts, the player can inspect the items or estimate the value of items. But within 5 seconds. Some useful add-ons in the game are:

  • Kick out – Sometimes, your opponents spend a high amount of money on items, but you don’t want to miss. The Kick out add-on helps you to throw out that opponent out of the auction.
  • X-RAY Pack – Sometimes, hidden boxes are packed with rare items. But you cannot look inside these boxes. X-RAY add-on helps you look inside the boxes, and you can know what’s inside these boxes. It may be garbage or might be a rare item.
  • Appraisal – This add-on tells you about the worth of the unit.

Items; Common Rare

The value of items varies in each auction. Usually, everyday items worth low while rare items worth high. There is no fixed value. Go to the catalog section and there you can see the estimated cost of an item.

Reputation Level

You need to increase your reputation level to access locked features like the pawnshop, upgrading, and more. Earn more profit and enhance the reputation level in the Bid Wars game. Tap on the progress bar at the top left and check the amount of profit required to reach the next level.


This is the central part of the game. You need to be smart to outbid your opponents. You don’t need to purchase the unit if you think the bid is high, and you cannot make the profit from it. Every time you don’t need to earn the profit.  So don’t spend blindly. If your opponents are spending more and more, it does not mean that you should spend more.

Pawn Shop Tycoon

Pawn Shop unlocks at level 8. Upgrade it to the next level from a local shop. Sell your items to pawnshop instead of selling instantly. Upgrade it to increase the number of shelves, decrease the order time.


Energy reduces when you take part in the auctions. Energy restores automatically after a fixed time or can be recovered instantly by gold. The game requires dealing with people with unique behaviors and traits and requires management skills to create your lists.

Additional Bid Wars Mod Apk Tips To Win The Game:

  • Don’t waste your energy – Complete the level goal as fast as you can.
  • Store the gold.
  • Take part in daily-weekly auctions where you could get a rare item.
  • Level up as fast as you can
  • Don’t spend the high value on useless units
  • Optimize the 5 seconds
  • Go to catalog and know the estimated cost of an item
  • Save cash, don’t spend blindly
  • Use add-ons


Bid Wars MOD Storage Auctions is a fun offline time killer game for playing on Android and worth playing by all individuals. So go out into the fantastic world of auctions and prove that you are the greatest bidder alive.