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Link2SD Apk for Android Description.

Our life becomes simpler by using the Android device. It offers a wide range of applications that will provide the user with many features, abilities, and a good user experience. But there is a drawback that such devices are designed with limited internal storage.

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If you’re downloading from an unknown website or an unsafe site, you will not be able to download safely, as your downloaded files might be stolen. All of these popular file sites will provide you free downloads, so check them out. You will have to provide the unique ID or password you received from your account so they can retrieve your files. Once your data is downloaded, you can either re-upload it or store it in your computer’s application folder. These are only some of the best free Link2SD downloads available online.

While Link2SD APK-based choices aren’t new, they’re gaining a lot of popularity today. They allow you to release your APK files to the net easily. When you experience an APK file, it is easy to publish it as an APK file and then share it with your friend or anyone else you desire. If you are contemplating using this method, you need to be aware that it is not difficult in any way. If you’re really active, you can get a friend to do the job for you. Below are a few simple actions you may follow if you want to use this method.

To print your APK, you need to install the application and click the”Publish APK” button. You may pick from the list of enrolled APK suppliers and select the best among them. You can upload the document with the help of a browser. When the file is uploaded, you’ll be asked to enter the URL to your document. In the URL, you can add the keywords and start marketing it. For good marketing, you should insert the link to your website or any other site where your clients can visit after downloading your program. In that way, you will be able to drive more visitors to your site.

When you are done, your APK is going to be published in the market. You will be able to see the number of downloads and see whether it is a success or not. You could also check whether the demand is low or high. To check your program’s popularity, you can check the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Additionally, the procedure of publishing APK is a lot faster than downloading the same file online. It is merely a matter of minutes to find the program posted into the marketplace.

So, the user must be able to manage the space of an Android device with full care and clear the cache and unused apps. When it comes to saving many photos and record videos, then space is a big hurdle to enjoy and store all the memorable moments. And to save the same, the user needs to delete the older pictures and videos also.

So, you can either expand the device’s storage by inserting the SD card or increase the Android device’s capabilities. To sort out all such issues, Link2SD comes up and moves all the data from the android internal storage to the SD card.

Link2SD is a managing tool for Android files that will help you work at ease with any file stored in your device’s memory, such as SD cards. It has an ample number of features. You can find some possibilities of eradicating any APK from the Android device, combining new applications automatically, moving to SD card from any application, or choosing the default directory for the latest applications.

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It also comprises some of the other options such as uninstalling, moving, or installing applications again in groups, which will save a lot of time in some cases. It allows you to receive notifications while an application gets installed on your device, converts system applications to user applications, and vice-versa. It will also integrate the updated applications on Read-Only Memory.

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For the person who wants proper control over their Android device and would like to move an application from one place of a device to another place, Link2SD is a very suitable app for both the users.

This application manager is quite easy and compatible with Android with the operating system of 2.0+ to transfer the installed apps to an SD card. It will help to handle the application as well as storage very easily.

Features of Hotspot Shield:

✔      Connect apk, lib and dex files of applications to Secure Digital card.

✔      Connect obb folders and external data of games and apps with the Secure Digital card.

✔      Connect dex files of system apps with the Secure Digital card (Plus).

✔      Connect internal data of the apps to external storage such as Secure Digital card (Plus).

✔      Service of clearing the cache available (Plus).

✔      Recently installed applications will link automatically.

✔      Transfer any user app to Secure Digital, although the application does not support the transfer to Secure Digital (“force move”).

✔      Demonstrate the applications that maintain transfer to SD with native apps2sd.

✔      Set up the default location for the installation of the application.

✔      Notify as soon as movable apps get installed.

✔      Uninstall the applications of the system.

✔      Un-freeze and Freeze user applications and system.

✔      Conversion of system applications into user applications.

✔      Convert user applications into system applications.

✔      Put together “Renovated” system applications into ROM.

✔      The data and cache of an application are also cleared.

✔      Batch remove catch and data of the selected applications.

✔      Remove all applications cache in one go.

✔      Clear cache widget.

✔      Notify if the size of the cache exceeds the limit specified.

✔      Restart manager that comprises shut down, usual restart, fast restart, restart recovery, and download mode.

✔      Restart widget to restart with a single click.

✔      List of the application along with the size of the file and link.

✔      Huge options are available here to solve and filter the applications.

✔      Search apps by name.

✔      It shows the information related to space’s availability in in-house storage, SD card Double partition, and Secure Digital Card.

✔      Share the link to Google Play Store or the APK file of any application.

✔      Create a bypass for the applications.

✔      Support more than 40 languages.

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The working of Link2SD:

There are a few steps to use this application. The working of this application is quite easy and simple. The steps are as follows:

1.Linking applications: The Link2SD uses the secondary partition of the SD card. SD card is using as one of the internal storage by this application. This application will transfer the apk files, lib files, Dalvik-cache and all the data files stored in the internal storage into this partition. The Operating System rises on heavy and links with symbols in the exact location. With the vastness of the data transferred to the Secure Digital card, this keeps the file structure that the system anticipates.

2.Linking Opaque Binary Blob and external data: All the devices that do have imitated SD card, Opaque Binary Blob as well as outside data folders are truly present on the in-house storage of the device, instead of the external SD card. Through this method, these folders shift to the first or the second partition of the external SD card as it depends. With the mount’s join alternative, the command mounts the file’s hierarchy at the external storage, such as an SD card, again when it is obtainable at the reallocation. In the application list, the linked apps are ticked as “Linked with the subcategory of SD Card.”

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3.What you require to have: There is a need for Linking apps and it also requires root permission and secondly, the partition is on the SD card. It is obvious to have double partitions over the SD cards and both of them should be key. The standard SD card partition is the first FAT partition. For the application files, the second will be used and can be in the form of FAT, f2fs, ext4or ext2. A non-FAT file system (ext4, ext2 or f2fs) needed to be utilized on the double partition to connect the applications’ confidential data files.

On the other hand, the FAT file system (exFAT, FAT32, FAT16) does not support the ownership or permissions of the UNIX files and will result in a breakdown of the private files’ security of the applications. The second partition does not make by the Link2SD and you require creating the same by yourself only. Any other partition manager can be used such as Minitool on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

Link2SD Apk Download


Link2SD APK Info

Size3.8 MB
LanguageEnglish (15 more)
Last Update
AndroidAndroid 2.2 or above
DeveloperBulent Akpinar

What’s New?

How to Install Link2SD in your device:

There are a few things that need to be done to install the link2SD application into your device. The steps are as follows:

1.       By clicking on the download link, download the APK file of this application.

2.       It will take a few minutes to download the APK file into your device.

3.       Now, Install the APK on the device and wait for few minutes to finish.

4.       Open and run the application.

If you are interested in grabbing the application with advanced features, click the link given on this page. Before downloading the Link2SD app, you should remember the following steps as given below:

✔      Go to settings and enable the “Unknown Sources.”

✔      Do not forget to save the whole backup of the application.

✔      The battery of your mobile phone must be above 50%.

✔      You should have a stable internet connection.

Link2Sd has to offer a native application to the SD, which is known as app2SD. It is another feature of the Android Operating System. It also enables the transfer of any unprotected application to the SD card and is named force move. It also has the capability of moving the batches.

The function cache cleaner in this application helps to clear all the data from the cache memory, and you can free the space with a single click. Moreover, the total size of the cache appears on the widget of clearing the cache. In addition to this, it also allows a single tap cleaning, and there is no need to open this application.

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Languages in which it is available: The languages in which this application is available are Turkish, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, English, Japanese, German, Chinese Traditional, French, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Catalan, Croatian, Chinese Simplified, Slovak, Georgian, Basque, Spanish, Persian, Afrikaans, Hindi, Swedish, Danish, Tagalog, Albanian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Nepali, Arabic, Thai, and Tamil.

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Such types of platforms are available to provide the student with a chance to handle and manage the storage space on the android device. It allows the user to move the files from the Android device’s internal storage to the SD card-based storage. This application is straightforward to use and proffered to the Android user at no cost.