Want to know how to have fun and at the same time sharpen your intellectual skills? The answer to that is solving puzzles.

We exercise on a routine because we want our body to be healthy; likewise, it is equally important to exercise our brain. Puzzles are a great medium to exercise your mind. It is scientifically proven that people who do puzzles like crosswords etc. have sharper senses.

Earlier, to give that routine exercise to the mind, you could find various puzzles in the newspaper. Or you could play an exciting game of chess. Now since technology is at its peak, there is nothing that is not available online. From shopping to yoga to entertainment to puzzles, yes, that is right! You can find so many puzzle game app to play. You can download any puzzle you like from the app store. These games are not just entertaining but useful too.

One such game is 24 7 Sudoku, where a player has to fill the empty box from number 1 to 9. Sounds easy? But it isn’t easy because it is a far more complex game. So it would help if you were very careful what numbers to put where to solve it completely and hence is a good exercise for the brain.

Sudoku’s original name is Number place, as the player needs to place the English numbers 1 to 9 tactfully. However, Sudoku in Japenese means a single number and somehow is a more apt option for naming this game.

Nowadays, you can play Sudoku Online on various apps from the web. One of the most popular websites is 24 7 Sudoku. This article will provide you with more information about 24 7 Sudoku game and download the apk for 24 7 Sudoku, where you can play free Sudoku puzzles.

247 SudokuSudoku – The Game

Sudoku game used to be published in the newspapers in the 19th century as a mean of entertainment and fun. And the solutions could be found in the published precedent to the current one. Playing Sudoku is fun because of how the game is simple and complex at the same time. It is for the same reason that everyone often chooses to play Sudoku over board games as well.

Now a world-famous game, the Sudoku game started with a very modest start and gradually garnered positive responses from the players.

Steps to download 24 7 Sudoku latest version

  • Step 1: Go to Settings on your device.
  • Step 2: In settings, go to the advanced settings option.
  • Step 3: Next, go to the privacy option
  • Step 4: There will be an option stated as unknown sources, enable that
  • Step 5: Now, you can download the latest version of the 24 7 Sudoku app by clicking on the download link below.

Steps to Install 24 7 Sudoku latest version

  • Step 1: Go to files
  • Step 2: Locate the apk
  • Step 3: Click on the apk to launch it.
  • Step 4: It will ask for permission to complete the launch. Click on allow,

There, you have the app downloaded to your device for free.

Download 247 Sudoku APK


247 Sudoku APK Information

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App Name247 Sudoku
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Apk Size9.9 MB
Developer24/7 Games LLC
Operating SystemAndroid 4 or Above

How to play Sudoku games?

To solve or to play a sudoku game, you are required to fill a 9×9 grid, which in itself has 9 3×3 grids. You can only use numbers 1 to 9 in each space. Some spaces are already filled.

Now comes the difficulty; the rule is to fill the spaces so that in each row and each column, no number (from 1 to 9) should be used twice. Also, in the 3×3 grid, no number (from 1 to 9) should be used twice.

And this is how it is an exercise for the brain! Interesting right?

Now you do not have to wait for a week to find a challenging sudoku puzzle. Sudoku, like any other game, is now available online. So you can play Sudoku every day and as much as your heart desires.

Ther e is one such game with a lot of users – 24 7 Sudoku

24 7 Sudoku

24 7 Sudoku is a great website where you can play online sudoku puzzles ranging based on difficulties. We will give you the link to download 24 7 sudoku games apk.

It is an immersive puzzle where the rules remain the same. The only difference is instead of writing the numbers; you can type the number or drag the number icon to the desired box. To give you more information on this, we have mentioned the features you will get with the 24 7 sudoku puzzles app.

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Features of 24 7 Sudoku games app

Unlimited Puzzles

With the 24 7 sudoku app, users get to play almost unlimited games. So you can keep on playing and solving sudoku puzzles one after the other as much as you like. And hence you get unlimited fun while solving these sudoku puzzles.

Different Stages of Difficulties

In 24 7 Sudoku puzzles ap, the sudoku puzzles are bifurcated based on the difficulty level. There is Easy Sudoku, Sudoku puzzles medium, Hard Sudoku and expert Sudoku. Thus, the puzzle in each category is created as per the difficulty level.

In easy Sudoku, you will find the solutions are a little easy to find. Whereas in Sudoku puzzles medium, Sudoku hard and expert sudoku, the numbers are placed more strategically.

Easy on the eyes

The layout of the game app looks quite good. It is just the boring black and white boxes. The box you select in the grid gets highlighted, which helps in understanding what number can use. This feature will make you want to play this game every day.

Seasonal Sudoku

Now you play Sudoku games in different themes by going into the seasonal sudoku section. The layout is theme based on the seasons. The different themes are spring sudoku, fall sudoku, etc. This feature is also available if you are playing Sudoku on the web. This is among one of the best features of the 24 7 Sudoku games.

Great Animation

The animation part of this game is pretty good. However, it does not bore you out. All you would require is the latest version of the app and say goodbye to boredom.

Apart from the features mentioned above, this game saves your scores. There is also an option to resume the game if, by chance, you leave the game or have to switch to another window. It also saves your high score. Furthermore, it gives great puzzles each time. Finally, it gives you a rating in terms of stars, whichever level you play – whether Sudoku easy, Sudko medium, Sudoku hard or Sudoku expert.

To get all these features and more, we suggest you download the 24 7 Sudoku for playing free sudoku puzzle on the go.

Final Words

When you think of something simple yet brain-stimulating, there is only one name – Sudoku. This game is one of its types. And since it is free to use, and upon combining it with other features, it is one of the best games on the web today.

It’s different and equally, mind captivating. With the link mentioned above, you can download the apk in few quick steps. We hope you download the apk and enjoy playing it.

That is a wrap for now. Enjoy!