It is really interesting to play the game of simulation flight. If you have not played the game till now, then you must give a try to the same. When you play virtually, then only you can get the exact feeling of playing a game. There is an ample number of similar games available on the app store such as racing games, war games, building games, role-playing games and many more. These days, a lot of people started playing such types of games for having some fun and also upgrade the knowledge of the person.

The Infinite Flight Simulator is one of the hottest games to be released today and there are a lot of people who are looking for mod kits. The reason is that you can create your mods that will include a whole new set of settings and options and other features. If you want to make your mods, you can download the Infinite Flight Simulator Mod Apk from this page and start building your modifications.

You will need to have a computer with an internet connection to download the mod kit but it is free to download so that is not going to cost you much.

You are going to need to download the mod kit and get some work done on it. There are some basic instructions you need to follow to get started. When you get the mod kit, you will have to install the new program by following the steps given on the download page. After that, you will have to configure your computer to recognize the program. After that, you will have to install all the software needed to make your modifications.

Once that is done, you will have to get yourself a plane and some props. You will need to download the plane parts from the website and then you are going to want to take all of the necessary safety precautions before flying the plane.

The Infinite Flight Simulator mod is easy to use. You will need to download the newest version of the mod kit and then configure it to your personal preference. The latest version includes all kinds of new mods and you can always go back to older versions of the mod kit. This is an exciting way to play this game because you can modify everything from the graphics to the controls and it is all up to you. You can use the aircraft and the props and build your planes.

If you are a curious beginner or a festooned pilot, the infinite flight provides a most inclusive practice of flight simulation. In the region from around the planet, here you can discover a high definition landscape with the varied catalog of thorough aircraft, customizing each flight as per your time of the day, climate circumstances and the pattern of aircraft weight.

There are a dozen numbers of aircraft in a various fleet of airlines, common aviation as well as military aircraft (To unlock all the aircraft and Infinite Flight Pro subscription).

Infinite Flight 2020

Features of Infinite Simulator Pro APK

There are some of the features of Infinite Simulator Pro APK, which are as follows:

Several Aircraft: You can unlock all types of aircraft with the help of Infinite Flight Simulator APK download, which is one of the great reasons to play the game as well. You will not access all the types of flight simulators in the free version of this game. To choose from the several airliners, general aviation as well as military aircraft, you have to buy or download the PRO version of this game. In every category, there are various models for aircraft that are available and you can also start flying right away.

With this APK, there is no need for the mission as well as any kind of unlocking.

Download Infinite Flight


Options available for customization: You can get the experience of flying an aircraft in the real world and this is not just a game related to the flying of the plane. The infinite flight stimulator enables you to customize the weather conditions as well as the aircraft; you want to fly at the time of day and night as well. You can unlock several features and also complete some missions of the game by customizing the plane. During your journey in the sky, you can also see the moon, sun, and stars according to the conditions of the weather.

Join the tournaments of the world: By downloading the free version of this infinite flight game, you can participate in the tournaments of the world at the global level and can also compete with other players within this game to win the new rewards in the game. Different types of sounds for the start-up of the engines as well as shutdown are also available for every aircraft. To listen to all types of sounds, you need to unlock all the crafts. There is also a function of replay under which you can save all the replay of the flight to view all the flights offline.

Graphics are of high quality: The more interesting thing to play in this game is the high quality of graphics. You can notice the whole details of all the flights to know something more about the same. You can get the right fixes as well as aids for the navigation in this free version of Infinite Flight Simulator. Such functions can very useful to reach the destination with ease. The cockpit in aircraft and animations on the door is only in this game and never found in any other games of such categories.

Information about the Infinite Flight Simulator

App NameInfinite Flight
Size of the file
26.9 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 5.5 and above
Last updated22 June 2020
Total downloads2 million+
CategoryArcade and Actions
Developed byInfinite Flight LLC

Benefits of Infinite Flight Pro Subscription:

  Get the experience of Pilots at a global level.

  Fly around the world with billion of high definition sceneries and have access to 25,000 airports.

  Enjoy the availability of all the crafts.

  Play the role of controlling the traffic in the air.

  Fly an airplane through the live weather as well as the wind.

  You can subscribe for one month, six months and twelve months.

  At the confirmation of the purchase, the payment will be charged to the account of iTunes.

  You can manage your subscription and can also turn off the auto-renewal by a tap on the Settings option.

The game is perfect for an aviation simulator. It was created by Flying Development Studio LLC for Windows, iOS as well as Android mobile devices. The features of the simulator have forty-two flyable aircraft, sixteen regions, weather and settings of time, selection of weight and balance, flight logbook, tables of achievement and a facility of replay that allows the players to see the last five minutes during the flight.

This game is specially created for the Android devices and will give you an opportunity to get experience of flying a plane along with a broad flight simulator. So, if you are always inquisitiveness of knowing about the feeling of a pilot or if you have feelings that can be achieved, specialized pilots as well as the great application for all of them.

There is a variety of aircrafts available in this application from which you can choose the best such as Airbus, Cessna, Cirrus, Boeing and many more. You do have thirty-five different options to buy from them to complete the aircraft fleet and even, some of them are free. By playing the game of Infinite Flight Simulator, you will get a chance to fly all the aircraft’s across any region in the world along with different conditions of weather and various configurations of weight.

This game will help you to improve your skills by playing through the advanced cameras and replays that enable you to watch every portion of the flight. Moreover, you can also enjoy the multiplayer mode of this application. You can give a try to the major airports of the world which have clear-cut runways as well as taxiway layouts and do the practice of some fantastic takeoffs.

According to the different types of weather conditions and balance and weight configurations, you can be a member of the planning of the flight and can get some information about the Landing system and how to control the same as well in different timings.

The advanced camera system and system of replay will always help you to improve your overall skills and you can also inspect every part of the flight. Some of the characteristics are:

Thirty-two aircraft under which seventeen included and fifteen are available for the purchase.

Thirteen regions are there and each covers the thousands of square meters (seven included and six available for purchase).

All the high-level airports having precise runway and taxiway layouts.

The planning of flight.

Landing system of instruments.

Highly developed Autopilot Flight Stimulator and supports Altitude, Heading, Throttle and Vertical Speed.

Replay system at an advanced level.

Conditions of time and weather.

Weight and balanced configuration.

Introductory as well as lessons about the take-off of flight.



You can download this game from the websites available over the internet but you have to make some changes in the default settings to install the same in the device. To change the settings, first of all, open the Android settings and tap on Security settings. Then, scroll down to the option of “Device Administration” and tick the option “Install apps from unknown devices.”

Links for download the game are given on various websites. To install the application, click on the link given on the website and save the file named as ”Infinite Flight Stimulator Latest Android APK” into the download folder of Android. In the storage of the device, locate the downloaded file and tap on the file to install the same. Wait for few minutes till the installation process of Infinite Flight Stimulator Latest Android APK is finished. Open the game once it is done and start playing the same.

There are various on which the Infinite Flight Simulator is available for download. But it is not recommended to download the APK from the website directly as such files are not safe for the installation process. The regular updates of the Infinite Flight Simulator Latest Android APK are available on the internet and keep visiting to know more about the updating and further latest updates. You can also download the free version of other stimulation games and enjoy them.

Go ahead and try to play a game that improves your skills and remain happy all the time.

Infinite Flight Simulator Mod Apk
Infinite Flight 2020

The Infinite Flight Simulator is one of the hottest games to be released today and there are a lot of people who are looking for mod kits. The reason is that you can create your mods that will include a whole new set of settings and options and other features. If you want to make your mods, you can download the Infinite Flight Simulator Mod Apk from this page and start building your modifications.

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