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Today everyone is using a smartphone and among all, nearly 86% market is using an android device. The growing demand of android smartphone has inspired developers to come up with some of the best apps, which can get a good response from the audience. There are many apps and all are not successful but there are some which are exceptionally outstanding and when it is about games no one can compete against Riptide GP. It is one of the best racing games today, which is ruling over the hearts of people and was able to gather a good crowd for it.

Riptide GP

There are many car and bike racing games but the graphics used in Riptide GP are beyond expectation and it is one of the reasons why people are attracted to it. The overall racing experience with this game has made it one of the top racing games today but the main problem comes when it is about installing it on mobile. It is a paid game on Google play store which is one of the reasons that people avoid it but today we have come up with Riptide GP Renegade crack version which is available free of cost.

Download Riptide GP Renegade

How to install the game in the device?

Links are bene offered for the cracked version of the game and this link is safe for all. You are required to download two different apk files and follow the instruction to get the game on your mobile. So, to make it possible just follow the below procedure:

  • If you are installing any app from the third-party source, your mobile doesn’t permit it. So, you are required to make changes in settings of your device. Go to Android settings -> security settings ->Go to Device Administration -> Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Make sure to save the apk file in the download folder of your device.
  • Navigate to the folder and click on the file to install the app on the device. Wait for few minutes to get the successful installation of the app.
  • Lastly, open the app ad start a new racing experience.

What makes Riptide GP Renegade different from others?

Many people are spending more of their time playing different games on mobile and now they wish to get something new and more adventurous. It is one of the reasons that developers have come up with Riptide GP Renegade which stands out in the competition. It is one of the best hydro-jet racing where you are competing with other players to win the race. You are required to race throughout the city where obstacles make the racing more difficult.

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The graphic and gameplay are quite compelling and so everyone loves to play this game. Moreover, you will find many challenges that come on your way which are to be crossed and try hard to win the game. The whole environment of the game will make you feel as you are in some water racing world and trying to kick out hurdles. You can build your crew by taking different characters and make them compete for the race.

You are rewarded cash when you win the race and it would be helpful for you to upgrade your vehicle. The performance can also be improved and you will find every race different from others, which makes keep you entertaining for hours. So, if you are also willing to take such a gripping experience of racing go for Riptide GP. Now you can play the game without spending a single penny, as the cracked version is available for you.


  • Riptide GP Renegade gives you an opportunity where you can experience hydro-jet racing on your device. As you start your race there are many obstacles and hurdles, which you have to come across by using your vehicle, and try hard to win the race. Some of the obstacles are hurricane-strength waves, blast and even military base, which are quite difficult to cross. These dynamic hurdles are to be crossed with your own experience and taking out different shortcuts, which will make you, win the race.
  • If you love challenges, then go for the multiplayer option where you can compete against 7 other players or your friends online and thus make racing more interesting. It is also possible to play a split-screen multiplayer championship where along with additional gamepad controller 4 players can play on a single machine.
  • This game is synced with the cloud and so you can maintain your game from device to device and thus compete with your friends. You can check out your position on leader boards and by playing against players, you come across many other challenges that can make you stay engaged with the game.
  • To keep players entertained this game has come up with different gaming modes. You are required to win battles to inlock something new and more exciting. The game can be played in challenge mode where you are required to compete against others or in-play career mode to become the best hydro-jet racer.
  • It brings the new dynamics of water racing where special effects make the game full of adventures. The surface of the race keeps on changing and thus you feel like every race has something new and more innovative as compared to previous. Teenagers love this game because of its water racing art and water physics and thus love to spend more and more time playing it.
  • It has many advanced hydro-jet vehicles that everyone dreams of and so by winning challenges you can upgrade your vehicle. As you win the game, the reward would be in the form of in-game money, which can be used for updating vehicles, and thus make the game more fascinating. If you are not willing to explore new vehicles go for the unlocked apk which will come with all unlock vehicles.
  • The graphics used in the game has made it one of the best racing games and make you feel as if you are participating in races. Graphics has given the realistic feel and the high –quality images and finishing has increased the fan following of game.
  • The cracked version is the game is available free of cost but it does not compromise with safety. The link, which is provided here to install the game in the devices, is completely safe and every android user can install it in their device. The free version of the game is just allowing you to play the game free of cost.

So, are you also excited to participate in racing and get a new gaming experience? Just feel free to download the cracked version of the game and start playing it with your friends and take different challenges that come on your way. If you love racing, then Riptide is the best platform, as you will find something new and more adventurous as compared to any other games. The game is designed to give real gaming experience and so many people are attracted to it. So, without waiting for a minute just download the game and participate in the racing challenges that can make you entertained.