Who doesn’t like to have fun? In this era of busy schedules, everyone craves a little fun. They want an opportunity to play pranks on friends or family members without getting caught. The idea itself brings an adrenaline rush, and it’s exciting to have some carefree time with our friends. This application is the best for SMS and call bombing. We can send jokes and do prank calls on anyone, all while looking at the confused expressions on their faces. It’s time to retaliate against the people who have teased us for a long time.

It’s always helpful to have a look at the BOMBitUP Apk file. You may also consider these essential factors when you’re having a look at this file. The first thing you should do is use a record search engine to find out if some of those files come with this program. It is quite straightforward to do, and it can assist you in the process of finding out the file title for downloading it. It is possible to find the name in the links that have the package. There’ll be a link that you can click to download the software package. At this point, the best place to look is your Android Market.

Once you are on the Android Market, then you will see a URL to download the software. You can also use the search box to find out the file name for downloading it. Together with the BOMBitUP Apk record, it is possible to install the application on your Android apparatus. As soon as you’ve done this, you will see an icon for the program. If you click on it, you will read the help file that comes with the document. There is a range of questions that you can ask when you’re utilizing the help file.

It’s essential to observe the questions that come with the aid file not to waste your time attempting to understand something you don’t honestly know. After you have done so, the next thing you ought to do is search for reviews of the goods. There are lots of review sites that will permit you to see how folks feel about the product.

BOMBitUP 2023

Technology is getting more and more advanced today. Even to the point that we can use it to play pranks on people. There are other apps for this on the Google Play Store. But this is the best option for Android users. The BOMBitUP apk was initially developed in India, but its popularity is gradually increasing worldwide.

BOMBitUP Apk File Info

App NameBOMBit UPInstalls10,000,000+
CategoryEntertainmentApk Size12.2 MB
Latest VersionLatestPriceFree
DeveloperRom Reviewer Android VersionAndroid 4.0+
UpdatedOne day agoContent RatingRated for 3+

What does BOMBitUP do?

This apk is built especially for Android users. But every traditional store doesn’t let us download it. The users have to download it from the app sharing sites. Using this app, we can bomb messages, calls, and emails too. Don’t worry; these are not real bombs! It’s a series of calls, emails, and messages to irritate our friends and family. The platform provides this app completely free of charge, and it’s great for people who love irritating or playing pranks on their friends. The users need to conduct surveys to receive complimentary messages from the app.

Bombitup screenshot

BOMBitUP provides limited jokes. So, we won’t be able to prank a person too much. We can send up to 99 messages per person. But if we pay a small fee, we do not have to face any limitations and play endless pranks.
Moreover, if we do not wish to play any pranks on our app, we can use it to protect ourselves from bombing. The app will preserve our numbers and emails. We have to conduct surveys and watch some ads to use the app to its full advantage. Once we download this apk, we are responsible for what we do with it. The developer will not take any responsibility for what we do. But then, the jokes are harmless and plain fun. So we do not need to worry about it.

BOMBitUP can annoy and irritate the hell out of someone by spamming their mailbox and their message inbox with all the spam messages and missed calls.

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Features of BOMBitUP apk

  • This app is all-in-one. We do not have to use three separate apps like Call Bomber, E-mail bomber, and text bomber to satisfy our needs.
  • The SMS Blast feature allows us to annoy any friend by sending them unlimited text messages.
  • The Call Blast feature will allow a user to annoy someone with so many calls to the point where their ringtone will scare them.
  • The Email Blast option will fill their mailbox with tons of emails until they block you. Moreover, the notifications will annoy the hell out of anyone.
  • Whenever we want to play any prank on someone, the main factor behind it is not letting them know our identity. And the BOMBitUP app precisely takes care of that. The makers take care and promise the user that their identity will remain a secret. It is entirely anonymous, and the person will never get to know who pranked them. That makes the entire process even more exciting.
  • An app’s user interface can take it to successful heights or bring it down to unimaginable lows. The developers of this app also took care of that issue. Even people with little or no technical knowledge can use this app effortlessly. The interface is very user-friendly and does not include any complications. BOMBitUP has the best user interface. Any person can use this app with the utmost ease. The user does not need to follow any steps. They need to tap the options on the screen according to what they want to do. The platform will take care of the rest.
  • Sometimes, we need to carefully plan the pranks, and we may like to prank someone at a specific time. The technology is very advanced now, and it can even take care of this problem. Using this app, the user does not face any time restriction. They can play whatever pranks they want at any period. We do not have to plan a specific time to play the prank.

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  • There can be some instances where we would like to play a prank on someone. But we do not want to get pranked. Even people like these don’t need to worry. The makers are aware of this situation, and they developed the app accordingly. The users can protect themselves from getting pranked by someone else. They do not have to worry about anything. All the need to do is turn on the protection feature.
  • The best advantage- the BOMBitUP is entirely free of charge. There are many apps available online which provide benefits and have great features. But the users usually have to pay a small fee to use those apps. That isn’t the case for BOMBitUP. Here the users do not need to make any payment. Anyone can download the app from the Internet for free, without spending a single penny.

Download BOMitUP app

Download BOMBitUP APK

How To Download The BOMitUP app?

Step1– The first step is to download the app from a reliable source or you can click on the download button above. There are quite a few numbers of genuine sites available on the Internet.

Step2- After the download is complete, the installation page of the BOMBitUP apk will open.

Step3- Then we need to click on Install, and our Android device will complete the process. While installing the app may ask for security permissions. In case any security settings are required, the user needs to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Step4– After the installation process, we can click on Open to start the application.

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How to protect our number or email so we won’t get pranked?

The protection feature is quite an interesting one. Using this feature, any user can protect themselves from getting pranked. We will have to add our phone number and email to the Protection list, to keep ourselves safe. There are many features to choose from, and it is better to be aware of all the elements in the Protection List section. After clicking on it, we can check the various parameters like the number, email, etc. Lastly, we need to click on Protect Me to let the feature start doing its work.

What’s New?

  • Dead API Removed New Added
  • New US Bomber Introduced Within SMS Blast Section
  • UK SMS Bomber Fixed
  • New Alert Notification Introduced
  • Button Animation Crashes fixed
  • New Protection List Schedule Which is a relief for BOMBitUP Victims it will be cleared after 3-4 weeks from now on.


Everyone loves to prank their friends and family. And now we have the technology to help us in the process. We get the opportunity to blast them with unlimited calls, emails, and text messages using the BOMBitUP apk. The app is free, and we do not need to spend a single penny to have endless fun. The latest version V4.03.2 works on all Android platforms, and it is a great way to awake the child within us.

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So what are you waiting for? It’s time to play some exciting pranks on our friends anonymously and enjoy watching them get annoyed. BOMBitUP is a great app to satisfy the prankster within us.