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Granny Smith


In today’s era, there is hardly anyone who does not like playing games. Every age of people has played games. Some are engaged too much, and some are engaged a bit, but somehow, everyone is engaged. The play store provides games for each age group.

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A single search option opens so many games in front of you, and you can choose any out of them. There are a lot of categories in games, and one of the famous categories is arcade. These games are exciting as they are fast paced games that focus on coordination between eyes and hands. One of the best games in arcade mode is Granny Smith.

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This game is easy to play and very famous. Every age of people enjoys this kind of game. It is an out of box idea, and that’s why it stands different from others. Many other games on the play store sound similar to granny’s name, but granny smith is somewhat different from others. The game Granny Smith has a different plot story, which makes it different from others. So, here are all the features of the game:

Easy to play

The game is straightforward to play, and one needs not to worry whether he has played it or not. People usually play it because they enjoy playing it a lot. This game has a different storyline, which is why it is different from other games. One should understand this game with temple runs and subway surfers as this game’s plot are totally different. Every game is not easy to play, but granny smith is very easy to follow and play. Even for new beginners, the game is straightforward to play.

Download Granny Smith Apk


Granny Smith Apk File Info

App nameGranny Smith
Size20.8 MB
Last Updated11 November 2019
Requires Android2.3+

What’s New?

64 bit compatibility

Replay in a vintage theme

Another amazing feature of granny smith that people enjoy the most is that once the level is finished, the replay of gameplay can be seen in slow motion, and that too in metro style. This feature is a part of this game’s basic feature and does not need APK mode separately. It is an amazing feature as you can see the recorded gameplay later for any of the completed earlier levels. The unique thing about this feature is that it replays itself in the metro theme rather than a normal replay.

About the Storyline

The basic storyline is that Granny Smith loves her apples. An impish and pudgy thief steals the apples wearing a pair of roller skates. To get the apples back, granny grabs her pair of skates and cane. Every level has the same motive: to get them all three apples before the thief gets them. The game has been divided into four parts that are- Farmland, City, Industrial park, and space. Every different world has 12 levels each. You can go from one level to another only when the previous level is cleared. The only qualification to clear a level is to make it up to the finish line regardless of the number of apples collected.

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Jumping, Smashing, and Gliding

The control of granny smith is just in the two-button setup. One button controls the jumps, and the other controls the cane. The jump control is used for jumping over hills and obstacles, and the cane control is used to glide across zip lines and swing on trapezes. Granny smith accelerates automatically in the game, but the momentum increases or decreases according to a jump’s height.

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Crashing through walls, glasses, and other items also decrease the speed of granny running. In the world of space, gravity is less than the earth, and hence the jumps are higher, and it takes more time to return to the ground. Also, jumps need to be perfect; otherwise, the targets would be missed, and you will crash.

Tool Shed

As the race is going, coins are collected during the run, which can be lost if granny crashes. The coins so collected can be used to unlock goodies from Tool Shed. The power ups, helmets, bananas, and baseballs can be bought from the shed. The alternate characters Scruffy the dog and Stanley the husband can be unlocked from the tool shed only.

Both characters are unlocked as the first two worlds are completed, but coins can unlock them in advance. It is suggested to be patient rather than spending coins in advance. The best thing is that things can be purchased easily. In this game, one need not wait too long to purchase items.

Character Up Gradation

The Granny Smith is not only about running behind a thief to catch him, but also upgrading the character eases the game. It makes it easier to pass the levels. The character can be modified with different kinds of a helmet, banana peels, and even baseballs.

Another option in the modification is there that is playing with other alternate characters are Scruffy and Stanley. Granny Smith is not available online though many people try to play it online; there is no way to do that. One has to download it to play that.

Free And Safe

The game is totally free for trial mode and 100% safe. The free trial does not mean that it is unsafe. The APK file can be just downloaded and used for free. One has to install it manually. There are many websites available to download this game, but one does not need to worry about that. In the case of new updates, the game needs to be updated again for better efficiency. In case the new version is released, the new game needs to be downloaded again and installed manually.

Online And Offline

The game can be played both online as well as offline. It is not necessary to have an internet connection to play this game. One surely needs to need an internet connection to download it, but once it is installed, it can be played without an internet connection.

This is an amazing option for people who want to reduce their data usage and those who live in places where internet connection is not that good. Playing it online and offline gives an advantage as the internet is not available every time. Some special options can only be unlocked once the internet is connected but does not need a regular connection.

Superb Graphics

The game’s main agenda is to catch the thief, and granny tries to get the stolen things from him. While running after the thief, granny crashes into the crate and runs through windows, which depict an amazing set of graphics. There are many levels in this game, out of which 57 are handcrafted. If one has an interest in racing games, Granny Smith is an amazing option for them.

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If one has an interest in racing games, one should download the new version. The game has amazing graphics and physics. Granny smith uses the most advanced destruction physics in mobile games. Every level of granny smith is fancy, like a three dimension storybook. The game can just be played with two button controls, making it easy to be played on both phones and tablets.

File Information

The file size of Granny Smith is 13.4 MB, which is not too big and also makes it suitable for people who do not have much space in their phones. The latest version of this game that is out is v1.3.7. The minimum android version used by the game is Android 2.3 and above. The game is developed by ‘Mediocre.’ More than five million people have downloaded this game by now. The last update of this game was out in May 2019.

The game is a blast, and for arcade lovers, it is just an amazing option to be considered. In the beginning, the game is a bit early, but as you progress further through levels, it becomes a bit difficult. One might need to hit the restart button frequently in the later levels as the difficulty level increases.

The application of Granny Smith is universal and can be played on Android or iOS. Also, there is no saving option, so one has to restart from the beginning of the game to quit in the middle. The saves are not synced if you play it on multiple devices and need to be replayed again.

Also, granny smith is a superb game with amazing graphics and physics. Also, it is of less size, so its compatibility becomes easier. Another plus point of this game is the things that can be used for attacks, such as bananas and baseballs. This makes it distinct from other games like subway surfers and temple run.

It is not merely about running but also about hitting, crashing, attacking, collecting coins, smashing, and gliding. Granny smith is a perfect arcade game and will be loved by people who love racing games.