LiveMixtapes 2024

LiveMixtapes have emerged as a great source of entertainment that touches the taste of every user. LiveMixtapes is the best-rated app for the category that allows you to both stream and download mixtapes. The app claims to be the only one of its type on any app store and at the same time has tried to be highly-convenient for the users. With both apps and the desktop website, LiveMixtapes provide a better range of experience to its users. APK is to bridge the gap between its best features and the price.

The LiveMixtapes APP is a brand new app available for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is created by Company Catalyst, a company that offers social networking for businesses. This program enables business owners to take part in live videos of other entrepreneurs or experts. If you are new to these types of videos, this program may be a great way to introduce yourself to a brand-new audience. Businesses can make all kinds of money with these live videos.

Live videos are popular now as companies don’t have the time to invest in a live event. They also can be very beneficial for your enterprise. It is possible to stream these videos in real time and list them afterward. is the exclusive supplier of the LiveMixtapes APP. If you are interested in knowing more about the product, you can visit their website. This advice is available to see online. It is also available on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thus, LiveMixtapes APP has many advantages for your business. When a business owner is starting, they will profit from seeing their merchandise or specialists in action. However, when a company’s products are already successful, they might want to keep current with new details. By subscribing to the LiveMixtapes APP, you could always see what new videos are going on in the business, see what products are hot, and learn from the competition.


The app can be downloaded that will work with little or no ads to bring it all together. Let us understand the features and process to download the apk for having a clearer picture.

Introduction: LiveMixtapes APK

The idea is to make a sorted platform that can bring all the entertainment and music source elements together. It should be noted that the app is to listen in the Music & Audio section category and has the best rating among other similar apps.

You can download the app on your Android and iOS devices. And on the Google Play Store alone, the app has over 1 million installations. The app has a 4.6 rating that is enough to understand how popular this app is.

There is no doubt that the app is already pushing to amazing stats. Considering that LiveMixtapes works on the website as well. It wouldn’t be wrong to estimate about 1.2 to 1.5 million users already.

The users have shown concerns in the past about update of content on the app and the sophistication. The recent most update did try to develop a better version of the app that ensures better technicalities. The app is rated for anyone who is in their teenage or above. This does justify the app‘s content; on the other hand, permission for the app usually and wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

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The desktop website is recommended to those who have a hard time seeking media on smaller screens and do a lot of traveling for apparent reasons. The desktop version is better because of the form-factor that brings space to the entire experience.

For android users, this post is critical as it will help you with the app that can do it all.

Top Features of LiveMixtapeapk:

The Newsfeed:

This app has a fantastic newsfeed that makes streaming, scrolling, or downloading through the app very easy. The simple UI is adapted from the website in many ways. Just like the desktop version, the app tends to optimize well for smaller screen devices. The newsfeed section especially has a lot of space so that the visual experience for customers is pleasant.

Streaming and downloading:

The palettes you stream these videos and so downloads them and sort into a personalized list. Yes, with millions of videos and a few of them being uploaded every minute, LiveMixtapes can provide them all and at the same time get them ready for downloads. Sharing them directly has been very pleasing for users, and the app’s network is thus expanded at a high pace. Previously downloads had bugs and saving them right away did have a glitch.

With the new APK, even the most recent video can be downloaded with just one click from anywhere in the app.

Range and variety of mixtapes:

With the APK making it all free, the array of music videos and the number of artists you get to watch is amazing. From Lil Wayne to Chris Brown, LiveMixtapes has options for every taste and genre.

The sorting of these videos is done well on the second page of the app where you get to choose the videos based on the category they fall in. For instance, there is DJ music, Artist based sorting and also the type of music. All of this can be found in a single app and still not be messy. The essence of the app lies in its user-friendly UI and also user satisfaction.

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Download LiveMixtapes APK:

The most crucial part of this post would how to download this wonderful APK on your android devices. To make this task easier, I shall provide the download link here and any android user will now be just a click away from this amazing APK.

Download APK

App NameLiveMixtapes APK
Last UpdateToday
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 +
File Size15.2 MB

Whats New ?

Go to the settings app and scroll to the right option. Right after we are done with downloading the APK file we shall continue to install the app. The only tricky part is making your phone compatible with the downloading process for which we shall enable downloading from unknown sources. These steps are to be followed:

  • Opt for the additional settings option.
  • A privacy menu would be on the list.
  • An option will mention “allow installation from unknown sources.”

Now that the device and apk file is ready we can follow these installation steps to install the app:

How to install LiveMixtape APK on Android?

Step 1: Firstly, click on the LiveMixtape apk.

LiveMixtapes install

Step 2: Click on the install button and wait for some time.

LiveMixtapes installing

Step 3: After the apk is installed an open button comes up which opens the app.

LiveMixtapes installed


The LiveMixtape is a compilation of entertaining Mixtapes. The daily updates and likable and work like a newsfeed currently. It includes almost all the genres with tons of videos that can interest almost anyone.

Be it hip & hop or pop and even melody, all of them are present on the app to increase customer reachability. The app is highly suggested and with our review, it can be concluded that the existing developer’s team must be happy enough.

So go ahead and check the app out and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions do comment below.