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The most recent filter is most likely already in the works. The ethnicity change filters are designed to be equal in all facets. “they have been designed to be equal in all aspects. Having milk in your boobs will improve your speech so vendors will provide you better prices. Gender switching fish also underlines the degree to which humans influence the environment we dwell in.

To tell you the truth today, I am forever clueless about the trending apps in the market. That is when social media comes to my rescue. Whatever I am not updated with, my social apps let me know about it and voila! I have the information.

Thanks to my Instagram, which let me knew about this trending app which everyone was trying out.

The craze for this app spread like fire in no time since everyone was keen to know how would they look when they get old.

So if you live by then or not, you know how you would look like.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right, I am talking about FaceApp – AI Face Editor, which has been published by Russia. This app has gone viral again after two years or so.

Download FaceApp Apk

Download FaceApp Apk

Download FaceApp Apk Latest Version 6 November 17, 2019

With the growth of Tumblr, animated gifs together with still photos can readily be shared between fans. The perfect FaceApp selfie, the one which is very likely to create the best results, has a little face, little or no beard and eyes staring right into the camera. You may want to think again before you use viral selfie app FaceApp.

The effects and the features that the app offers now that is the latest version, which is 3.4.7, is much better than what it used to offer two years ago and thus, the craziness all over around.

Let’s have a look at what the app has to offer to the users and many other exciting things which you didn’t know about.

The primary feature of this app is that it transforms your faces from one ethnicity to the other.

So, you can turn grumpy faces into smiling faces with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And of course, the app lets you see your younger or older versions as well.

Well, have you ever wondered that what would you like as an opposite gender? If yes, then there’s next thing coming for you.

And if not, then I have a question to ask from you. Doesn’t your mind wander while sitting in boring lectures? (I do it ALL the time).

Yes! This app lets you swap your genders in pictures, and you can see how would you like you were of the opposite gender.

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And of course, the app can improve your selfies with its cool filters.

To take the benefit of most of its features, you can subscribe to the app and get access to new and useful style filters, filters update and the other features and content which the app has to offer in their PRO version of this app.

According to one of the surveys done in June 2019, it has been known that there were 400k downloads, and the revenue was approximately $300k worldwide.

Download FaceApp Apk

There’s some difference, it would appear, in the manner gender is considered in simulation versus narrative. The difference here is, they aren’t limited to once each day. One more thing which makes a big distinction is upgrading your equipment.

While writing this article, I realized that people, not only in our country but from all over the world are very impulsive, they get excited about one thing or the moment they get to know about the trending apps, they jump to it and later face the repercussions to it.

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As soon as an app starts to flourish and make its place in the market, critics come forward and make sure to put their point of view in front of everyone in such a way that everyone starts to believe it.

Download FaceApp Apk Latest Version 7 November 17, 2019

Honestly, I have never understood the concept of ‘everyone’. Because there’s no opinion of each individual out here, and what they do is follow. And even while following, these people never follow up with the news.

As the app started to gain popularity, the questions flooded, and it created havoc amongst the users.

One of the questions was if the app uploads your entire camera roll in the backdrop. Well, there has been no evidence of any such thing. Elliot Alderson, a French cyber-security researcher, investigated the whole matter to no avail. He found that the app only has those photos which the users decided to submit.

The app also confirmed to the BBC that they only upload those photos which have been submitted to the users.

Download FaceApp Apk Latest Version 8 November 17, 2019

There were also questions about facial recognition. You know, the app may use your pictures to train facial identification algorithms. This can be done even when the photos are deleted since the measurements of peculiarities on a person’s face can be derived and used for such purposes.

The firm’s chief executive, Yaroslav Goncharov, confirmed to BBC News that they do not use the user’s pictures for any facial recognition training but editing images ONLY.

The other feature of this app, which raised a lot of questions for the app was how it uploads the user’s picture to the cloud for processing, basically, for third-user parties through its ML libraries. And to the top of it, this feature has not been made clear to the users.

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Countering this allegation, Jane Manchun Wong, a cyber-security researcher, tweeted that this feature that gives the app a competitive advantage since it makes harder for the competitors to develop the same app because it is hard to understand how the algorithms work. He also said that it makes piracy much harder. It is from a business perspective and has nothing to do with the user.

Download FaceApp Apk Latest Version 9 November 17, 2019

As I expressed my concern earlier in this article about how people just follow the leader, in the haste of doing this, these followers do not even read the terms and conditions which the app has given and it clearly states that it could use our pictures, even copy, reproduce, process, adapt, and distribute the content in all media or distribution methods.

After all of this clarification by experts and the officials of the app itself, there are still many loopholes in this app, which they are just trying to get rid of.

As consumers, it is their right to know what they are getting into. And if they won’t read the terms and conditions, how will they know it? That is where the baseless allegations come from, you know?

One of the most common loopholes I found is related to subscription of this app. People who aren’t willing to renew the subscription are getting their subscriptions renewed without any prior permissions. The users receive notification of money being deducted from the bank accounts.

Though the app is only for entertainment purposes, it is essential on the part of the users to understand what they’re getting into. Because no will take stand up to take the responsibility of your fault on their heads.

If I had to speak anything regarding this, I would say that the fault is from one side only but also the other side, that is users.

TIP (Not just for this app) – Read terms and conditions before agreeing to anything.

Giving access to your camera roll is as sensitive as sharing your bank account details to anyone.


Till then, Hasta Lavista!