My Cafe 2023

Are you interested in games? Isn’t it like that almost everyone wants to play games? Some games are really addictive. The addicting ones are the best. Have you played candy crush? If yes, then you probably know that what a time killer it is. Are you interested in cooking? My Cafe Game Is it in any way related to this? Yes, it is, as there are many cooking games available on the internet right now. Cooking games can teach you many recipes as well. So if you are interested in cooking and want to know some really cool recipes, you should go to cooking games.

My CafeBut, are there any addictive cooking games? Yes, there are many such cooking games. Can these types of games help if someone’s hobby is cooking? Yes, it can help as there are many cooking games which can provide you some fun recipes and stories about some cafes. By playing these types of games, you can even get an idea about decorating your cafe or restaurant, if you own one or are going to open one.

Have you heard about My Cafe: Recipes and Stories Mod Apk? It is a very addicting game. It is a perfect time killer. And you won’t believe that you can learn about thousands of recipes and come to know some cafe owners’ stories by this game. If you are interested in both cooking and playing mobile games, then you can try this. This will make you go crazy for cooking as well as for playing the game.

It’s amongst the most addictive bakery and cooking games out there. It has so many features that it will keep you mesmerized with your smartphone, and thus, it is bound to get addictive for sure. In this game, you must help Chef Ann open a new classy and stylish cafe and serve her guest’s delicious drinks and baked goodies.

All of this begins in a small quiet town where you have to serve drinks and baked stuff along with Chef Ann, Serve dishes, starters, and whatnot immerse yourself in the addictiveness of the kitchen, which has thousands of tales to tell and simulation of high-quality dishes, where each meal has its own story.

It is a perfect time killer for all of the cooking lovers out there.  Make your dishes, channel your creativity into something beautiful and amazing, give your thoughts wings that they need to have, do what you could not do in real life, experiment, innovate, and invent.

Different Exciting features are:

  • Build a restaurant, scramble dinner, pizza, or bakery- recruit staff for different restaurant related activities like waitering, cooking, managing, etc., set prices on the menu.
  • Decorate your cafe with a variety of decorative items out there; after all, it’s essential to feel good before we eat, be one of a kind, be the brightest cafe on the street.
  • Discover different foods, invent new recipes, invite elite customers for taste testing, make the food that tells a complete tale of its own, and include different special foods like Latte, mojito, milkshakes, and juices, cupcakes, pastries, and more. Feel the different tastes!
  • Make a business strategy and management, take significant risks, or take it slow to ensure the less risky route to get the profit and thrive in the game ultimately!

How is the cafe made? Each cafe has its tale to tell. Take your cafe to life with impactful stories and colorful customers for kids and adults. Discuss with the regulars to know about the quality of your food and the flow of the market; it also helps one to know which recipe is loved the most and whether the staff is faithful to do their job.

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My Cafe MOD Apk File Info

App nameMy Cafe MOD
Size161 MB | 81.3 MB | 108 MB | 247 MB
Last UpdatedToday
Requires Android4.1 and up
DeveloperMelsoft Games

What’s New?


  • Create an environment where everyone can chill and relax. By doing this, your cafe can be more popular among children and customers.
  • It contains a story mode, which has unique characters and relationships which have meanings. Try to learn your customers’ stories, influence their gossip life, make acquaintances, and experience your cafe adventure in this beautiful life simulator.
  • Know your customers to understand their stories and decorate your coffee shop with 900 plus decorative items.
  • Make your business bloom by taking significant risks or going slow and steady.
  • Manage your staff, recruit, train, and fire your employees in this game as you see fit.
  • You can also go social and connect with your friends on Facebook and see how they are running their coffee shops and township in your own game.
  • My Cafe: Recipes and Stories is the cafe story of a lifetime inside a casual game, gossip with cafe guests, and make acquaintances in the story mode; it is deliciously addictive; once you start it, you can’t stop. Build your cafe, decorate it, hire staff, train them, learn stories about customers, and expand your business.

There are some exclusive features you have to purchase and then implement. If you aren’t interested in this, turn off in-app purchases in the game settings.

One more thing which you require is an internet connection to play this game.

This game is sure to make you fall in love with baked sweets for sure if you weren’t in love already.