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A desktop application for the Personal Computer and Android Phones is known as Hotspot Shield. Do you know what the function of this application is? The answer is that it will help you to add a layer of security and all the information and data are encrypted at the starting session of the internet. Hence, your information is not readable if a person in the middle tries to attack.

The Hotspot Shield APK is available in the Android Market. It’s a popular application that is being used by many people. One of the significant benefits of using this application is that you can share information among multiple devices with one single app. Because it allows a lot of people to share information, many companies are using it as a security tool. What does this application do? It will enable the sharing of information between different devices and computers with the help of its internet protocol (IP) network.

To access the Hotspot Shield, you need to have installed an application that allows you to share your internet connection. Once you have installed this application, you need to connect to the internet. Once you do, click on the “Google” icon in the corner of the screen. This will bring up the Google settings which allow you to share your internet connection with other users. The other people in your network can also use your internet connection to connect to the internet which gives you the convenience of sharing data. Once you finish sharing, you can immediately disconnect the internet connection from the network.

You can find several free applications from the Google website. However, there are some limitations to those open applications. They may not let you share your IP address. The free version of the Hotspot Shield doesn’t allow you to copy and paste your internet connection. The only thing they allow you to do is to view the name of the device. Once you finish connecting to the internet, you need to disconnect the internet connection from the network. You can find many more applications from the official website of Google.


Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020
Hotspot Shield 2020

What can be traced?

It is quite clear that the information or data is not disclosed and even not readable whereas what about the location? But the central fact is that the IP address of your computer is published and anyone can trace you with the help of the same. Yes of course, some more unclearly than others and it is quite creepy to watch your own house on the Google map just because of the IP address. When you get connected on the network of Hotspot Shield, it will allow you a lively IP address and this can also continuously changes. Through this, it signifies like you are at any other place in the globe which additionally prevents the individuality of a person.

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Additional Information from Google Play Store:

This is a premium VPN application and it is famous for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows users. Ti software helps the user to access regional as well as geo-locked content for a more extended internet. With the help of Hotspot Shield, full privacy and security will also be enjoyed by the users of the application. The protocols of VPN are incorporated by the huge companies in the areas of security all over the globe and have also gone around inestimable audits in the safe. This is the reason why the users can also use the application to make sure that not only the identity of a person is hidden over the web but also their data is already sheltered by the high level of encryption.

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Top-tier performance is always promised by the Hotspot Shield. To maintain anonymity among people, the application has numerous servers all over the globe that avail people with thousands of IP addresses. It is a kind of powerful tool for VPN solution proffered users with more extended internet via giving perfect access to the regional content as well as geo-locked. This is one of the most popular tools for all types of devices like Android, Mac, iOS, etc.

Benefits of Hotspot Shield:

  • Free Websites: On some of the particular websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the employment places like schools and libraries usually put restrictions. So, with the help of Hotspot Shield VPN, you can able to take pleasure in these websites and, since the application bypasses such kinds of filters as well as firewalls.
  • Use of Anonymous Web: To protect your individuality, the walls were created by the Hotspot shield around the user. Due to such type of encryptions, it becomes more private to conducting activities over the internet and stay secure where there is no longer fear of being tracked by their ISPs, employers as well as governments and hackers.
  • The IP address can be hidden: individual hackers and malicious institutions use the IP address of other people to protect or monitor the way they are using the internet. On the pinnacle of that, the people can make use of tactics through the IP address to acquire information about the credit cards and bank accounts. When the Hotspot Shield allowed, the user can façade their IP addresses by selecting a diverse or distant location offered by the servers of the VPN.
  • Online Security is enabled: Through the Hotspot Shield, the user gets benefited from the boosted security over the online data and information. The time when a person accesses the internet by having a VPN will make it sure that all the personal data comprises online accounts and passwords.
  • Free browsing can also be protected: Whenever a user is accessible on an open hotspot or unsecured network, the application of VPN will also make sure that there are no snoopers as well as attackers looking at the user of the computer or the activities over the internet.
  • Anti-malware VPN: Apart from the features of the robust VPN security, the Hotspot Shield also prevents all the users against the malware. This will be done by supervising a website that the user visits and make it sure that they contain no such type of malware. If they detect something like that, then the application automatically blocks it by doubling the protection of the user and shield them from the infecting computers as well as mobile devices.
  • Other Benefits: The overview of benefits of Hotspot Shields such as Ad-free, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited access to the content, premium VPN servers, private browsing, Personal data security, Wi-Fi security and Malware Protection.

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Technical details of Hotspot Shield:

  • Supported devices: Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac.
  • Deployment: on Premise
  • Supported language: English
  • Model of Pricing: Free, Monthly payment and Annual subscription
  • Types of customers: Small business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business and Freelancers.

Hotspot Shield Apk Download

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Hotspot Shield Apk Info

Name Hotspot Shield
Category Tools
Last updated 16 October 2020
Size 20.9 MB
Version 8.1.1
Developer AnchorFree GmbH
Operating System 5.0 and above

What’s New?

Now on your Hotspot Shield console, you’ll see real-time performance and info about your VPN connection, including details on your VPN connection speed, usage, server IP and more. Our goal was to provide you with a beautiful yet useful interface that offered more transparency and info as you use our service. What’s included in this release: New VPN console with speed, server and usage info Completed minor bug fixes and improvements

How to download and install the Hotspot Shield Apk?

There is a way to download and install the Hotspot Shield. But few steps are here to consider which are as follows:

  • First of all, click on the download button to get a file for Hotspot Shield APK.
  • After clicking on the download button, then the process of downloading starts.
  • Now, open the APK into your device.
  • Choose Install and it will take some time to install the application.

The virtual locations available in about seventy countries, it provides access to several numbers of servers approximately 2, 500 servers. The number lies on the platform you are using. The highest counts of server boost by the iOS application and it is not sufficient if you are a user of the computer.

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The application is straightforward to use but only suitable for the number of platforms within a limit. You can use it over the android, iOS and Windows devices. In addition to this, Chrome as well as Firefox extension of Hotspot Shield is also available. It allows excellent and quick streamlining of some of the popular geographically restricted services. The website of Hotspot Shield has a considerable section related to help with articles regarding VPN and topics connected to the internet that can reach by the clients also. If you are a premium user, then you can take support from the customer executive by filing a ticket or via the live chat. Although the live chat option is not available.

Features of Hotspot Shield:

  • Hotspot Shield does not attribute to the current list of connection protocols employed by the majority of the VPN providers such as OpenVPN or IKEv2. In spite, it set up its technology like Catapult Hydra which uses AES-128 encryption, transport layer security and the Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman for swapping keys. It is making new keys with a single session.
  • In case of the unexpected breakdown of the VPN, the sensitive data will get protected. A big thank you to the kill switch. It helps to block all the internet traffic in such cases. But this feature of Kill Switch is not available in the mobile application of Hotspot Shield.
  • No logs Policy of Hotspot Shield states that not a single data including IP address and online activities are collected and can easily be traced. Though, the companies, as well as their service providers, scrutinize and stock up a few data before connecting to the VPN, like mobile ID, model of the device, operating system and information about the network. The original IP address is only used for marketing as well as for analytics purposes.
  • The performance and first-rate speed swanks by the use of Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield is a vast VPN platform for brooking the content on geo-blocked or by torrent. The speed remains unchanged during the speed testing apart of the location of the server or material where you try to reach.
  • A secure platform of torrent is proffered by the Hotspot Shield and access to the services related to geo-blocking.
  • It has a primary concern of privacy as well as anonymity. You can access the internet without disclosing your individuality.
  • Apart from this, excellent speed while browsing is provided by the Hotspot Shield. In addition to this, the users can also use a free version of this application if they have few requirements.

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So, do not skip and click on the download link to install the application on your Android device or even on a personal computer. It helps to protect the whole browsing from the malware attacks and snoopers.

Hotspot Shield APK V8.1.1 Latest Download Now | ClubApk

Hotspot Shield application has numerous servers all over the globe that avail people with thousands of IP addresses. It a kind of powerful tool for VPN solution

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: ‎Android

Application Category: Utilities/Tools