Yahoo Mail is one of Yahoo’s notably longest-lasting products that have remained in the market. It’s gone through quite many evident changes since then as it tries to compete against rivals like Outlook and Gmail. Almost two years ago, it had to undergo a considerable redesign that reinforced its mobile apps, introduced a login system without initiating any passwords, and, more importantly.

Yahoo Mail is a very common email supplier and webmail service. It’s among the most popular free webmail services now. Many people rely on Yahoo Mail for their email due to its simplicity of use and convenience. What many people don’t realize is that Yahoo Mail is only as secure as its users. This implies that if you take any Yahoo Mail accounts for granted, you can readily be a victim of hackers and identity thieves.

Yahoo Mail has a two-step verification procedure that’s used for safety purposes. You need to have a Yahoo ID to get the services, and also, you must have a Yahoo ID to get your email. If you don’t have a Yahoo ID, you have to make one before receiving or sending emails.

By using a Yahoo ID, the email addresses of all your friends will be accessible to you. In case you’ve got a Yahoo ID, all of your friends will also have a Yahoo ID, so there won’t be any confusion about who is sending you an email. Using a Yahoo ID can help prevent your email address from being obtained by someone who would use it to send spam or scams.

The safety methods for Yahoo Mail are the best practices that other email providers should follow. There are additional safety features that are only available to Yahoo Mail users. If you don’t have access to these safety features, your email could be retrieved by hackers and identity thieves. Possessing security features is discretionary for Yahoo Mail users. Still, if you utilize this service, you need to put them to good use to become a victim of identity theft.

It has added third-party email support so that you could use any email address you wanted within the Yahoo Mail interface. Yet, all these improvements were overshadowed by a massive security breach that tarnished its reputation so much so that Verizon was even intimidated to pull out of its $4.83 billion acquisition. Quite still, the purchase went through nevertheless, and it remains to be seen how Yahoo Mail will survive its tenure under Verizon ownership.

Post Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo, the company has come up with a much needed revamp for its Mail services and has introduced it to the market, The Yahoo Mail Pro.

Yahoo Mail Pro

The all-new Yahoo mail pro is comparatively more streamlined with its customization and is visually much more straightforward to use with its expanded space between the UI components. People love the element of personalized features with several color themes to choose from. Yahoo Mail now offers such features with a change in response according to the time of the day.

There are also new stationary views and the potential for their open-source library to use Twitter’s emoji set.

The new version is improved to deliver Yahoo! Mail services and comes with the following bonus points:

  • Faster and better than the previous version
  • Improve performance for low-bandwidth users
  • More accessible and reliable
  • Reduces the memory used by the browser

The Yahoo Mail pro is built in a way that provides agility to the developers in terms of its updates.

The Search feature has been enhanced, and the functionality mirrors what is found in other email apps. This means that you can now search with a combination of name, keyword, and date.

The feature of being able to access and viewing previously sent and received files has also been updated. The left side navigation now has individual categories for photos and documents. This will display all the attachments you’ve ever sent in one place and offers extremely rich previews.

Improved accessibility is also considered now. Yahoo Mail Pro provides support for NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) and VoiceOver display readers. It offers designs with high magnification and full keyboard functionality for low-vision or hard-of-hearing users.

There have also been reports that a rebuilt front-end tech stack reduces its JavaScript and CSS footprint up to 50 percent, resulting in Yahoo Mail Pro launching faster, using less bandwidth, and reducing the memory used by the browser.

One other meaningful change is the discontinuation of Ad Free Mail, which is replaced with a new Yahoo Mail Pro plan. Similar to its predecessor, Yahoo Mail Pro will have no ads and includes priority customer support. While Ad Free Mail was available at $49.99 a year, Yahoo Mail Pro remains $34.99 per year, or up to $3.49 a month. The mobile-only option is available at $9.99 per year, or $0.99 a month.

There are many other small changes like a GIF library, which is crucial, and you can now explore the updates more in-depth on Yahoo’s official website. The new Yahoo Mail is available starting from today, and if you decide it’s not for you, there’s always the possibility to switch back to the old look in settings.

The third most notable change is Yahoo Mail Pro’s introduction, which is an ad-free version of Yahoo Mail that involves customer support. It is an upgrade to Ad-Free Mail, introduced a few years ago as an annual subscription.

While Yahoo Mail’s new build and look were much needed, it remains to be seen if the updates can pursue new users to a company filled with hacks. Yahoo has suffered from multiple security and identity breaches dating back to August 2013 that had affected over a billion people, leading to the exposure of names, emails, and encrypted passwords.

The hacks delayed Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo, and an independent committee found Yahoo at fault for not adequately responding to the incidents.

There are three central parts to the Yahoo Mail revamp, beginning with a rebuilt front-end UI tech stack that now leverages several open source technologies like React, Redux, Node.js, react-intl, and many others. The purpose is to deliver a Yahoo Mail service that’s quick to launch and generally beneficial for low-bandwidth and international users, individually.

Yahoo says its optimizations have successfully reduced its JavaScript and CSS footprint by almost 50 percent, compared with the earlier desktop product, which tells us that the app will launch much faster. As a result, the feature of search and reading messages is also relatively faster.

Besides, the new product reduces the memory utilized by the browser, is more reliable and more accessible, and is built in a way that will allow its developers to be more agile in terms of updates and other significant impacts.

However, for Yahoo Mail users, these changes will be under-the-hood, and not certainly noticed beyond an overall sense that the app seems quicker. The redesign and new feature set will be more visible.

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The updated look of Yahoo Mail is a much cleaner, more modern application. It looks like something built in 2017 instead of the old, legacy product that just kept getting revamped over the years. It also reminds the users of a bit of Microsoft’s Outlook in terms of its interface, rather than Gmail’s highly functional, but not so sizeable, inbox.

Items in the new inbox have more space between them, which makes it look less cluttered, but it is not ideal for those who get a large number of emails.

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What’s New in Yahoo Mail Pro?

The app can now be personalized with unique colorful themes, introduces stationary, and email writers can use the emoji set that Twitter open-sourced in their messages.

Yahoo has also taken inspiration from several more different email apps to make it more straightforward for users to find specific messages. On the left side of the navigation, Yahoo Mail will offer certain links to automatically created folders that collect all your Photos and your Documents for quick access.

There are other little tweaks as well, like rich previews that let you hover over attachments to see what they contain, like a Search mode that reflects your personalized settings for how you prefer to view all of your emails, a redesigned settings screen where your settings immediately update the app. It also includes convenience improvements, including support for NVDA and screen readers and options for light-sensitive and low-vision readers.

Yahoo Mail Pro discounts the ad-free mail product by $15 for annual subscribers to $34.99 per year and introduces a monthly alternative of $3.49 per month. Alternatively, you can also choose to subscribe to a mobile-only version of the product for $0.99 per month or for $9.99 per year, which presents ad-free service on Yahoo’s Mail apps for both iOS or Android.

Accessing Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail includes IMAP and POP access and can also forward messages automatically. All connections between your device and Yahoo are secured with encryption by default.

On mobile devices, Yahoo Mail offers a rich web-based application that allows for a full archive and offline search. iPhone and Android devices get native apps with these peculiarities, contact integration, support for attachments, and so much more.

All subscriptions also include priority support for desktop and mobile applications.


Yahoo Mail Pro is available on desktop and mobile via in-app purchase for all U.S., English-language users and will also soon reach other markets. The redesigned desktop app is also available today globally, in English, with other languages to follow.