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The action game on Android is Game Keyboard for GTA Vice City. The latest version provided is also optimized on different devices. There is no registration as well as login required for this game. You can directly download the game from the play store and can also archive the other versions.

Game Keyboard for GTA VC Game and its working:

This action game is available on the Android platform according to the information given by M Stud. Presently, the Zero version of this game is released on January 01st, 1970. There are a few steps on how to start the application for usage purposes. First of all, open the application and tap on the option “Activate” to cheat. You can find the cheat button on the top of the screen. Now, start the GTA Vice City game. If you would like to activate the cheat, then press on the cheat button, and it will activate soon. Now, open the Game keyboard for GTA vice city and input the cheat to activate in the game.

Game Keyboard

Detailed information about the game:

  • Developed by: M Stud
  • A version of the game: 1.0.5
  • Category: Action
  • Update: 22nd January 2018
  • Requires Android: Android 2.3+ and above
  • Installation: 5,000+
  • Size of the application: 2 MB
  • Price: Paid
  • Rating of the Content: Eight
  • Package of the Application:
  • Target: 25
  • Type of screen: Small, Normal, Large and x-large
  • Densities: 160, 240, 320, 480, 640
  • Organization: ASB
  • Locality: Delhi
  • Rooted device: not required
  • Offers-in-purchase: no

Are you looking for this application? This website will provide you the latest version of “Game Keyboard for GTA Vice City APK” for your Android mobile device. The application is categorized in the best applications of the year 2019. To download the APK file, choose the file you want to download and click on the link to install the same into your android tablet or phone device. The file is directly downloaded to the storage of the android device and uses the file manager to browse as well as install. You will require Android 4.0.3 or the higher version to install the application.

The cheats in the GTA game provides effortless, rapid as well as simple access to each cheat code for every grand theft auto game on all stage to cheer up. In the series of GTA vice city, the application holds some types of cheats. Without using any kind of a physical keyboard, the application allows you to enter the cheat code that well-suited with the game.

Download Game Keyboard

Features of Game Keyboard GTA vice city:

  • To go through the cheat code rapidly, choose code from the customizable menu of cheat code.
  • The application has an inbuilt keyboard appropriate for entering less often used cheat code.
  • The compatibilities for rooted devices are also improved.
  • GTA 3 and GTA Vice City Cheat code are preloaded.

The security of Game Keyboard for GTA VC in detail:

  • No concern for Game Keyboard GTA VC apk.
  • No ads for Game Keyboard GTA VC apk.
  • No social SDK for Game Keyboard VC apk.

Details about the Game Keyboard for GTA VC APK:

  • The main features for Game Keyboard for GTA Vice City: Game Keyboard for GTA VC Game Cheater.
  • Features of Touch screen hardware: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio used in the application.

How to use Game Keyboard in cheats code?

To use cheat codes in GTA Vice City, the Game Keyboard will be used. There are few steps used in the cheat codes such as:

Step 1: Download the Keyboard from the links as given below and install the same.

Step 2: Go to Settings, then tap on Language and Input, choose a game keyboard.

Step 3: Then, select the default keyboard as Game Key Board

Step 4: Now, open the Game Keyboard and Go to settings, button mapping, Choose button A and select swap gamepad or keyboard.

Step 5: Now exit application.

Detailed features of Game Keyboard App APK

  • Some of the advanced options: The Game Keyboard App APK for Android has come up with one of the attractive features, which is an advance option for gaming keyboard for this game. You can use this application to apply cheat codes to any of the games you are playing or you would like to play. It becomes easy to apply the cheat codes with the help of this Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard can be used to activate cheat codes, which will result in winning the game. In most of the GTA games on Android, the gaming keyboard can be used by the players who make it effortless to apply the cheat codes. An ample number of games is supported by this application.
  • Customize the Control: If you want to apply some of the customized control in the games, then this application is the first preference. This app comes handy, not only for the cheat codes but also for the customized controls in the game. In addition to this, you can also this application of gaming keyboard if your games do not support the joystick as well as any kind of gamepad. To use this application in such games, just assign some of the definite keys according to the different actions in the game. When you have done with same, you can definitely use the gamepad for playing the game.
  • Rooted device is not required: Another point of attraction in this game is that they do not ask the people to root the device first and then, use the application for gaming purposes. Although some of the advanced features of this application might ask you to root the device, it is not compulsory and you can use the application for the long time, as you want to use. If you are searching for an advanced application for your games as well as an Android device, you have to opt for Game Keyboard for Android today.
  • Import as well as Export: You can save the data as well as settings of the application while uninstalling the application or you would like to format your Android device. If you want to install the application, there is no need to do the settings again as it is already saved in the device or external device? You just need to do one thing that is to import the data in the application without configuring anything on a manual basis. To add on, if you would like to share some kind of data related to the application with anyone, then you can send the file as well and the person needs to import the file into the device.
  • Secure and safe as well: It is highly recommended to download the file for Game Keyboard for GTA Vice City from this page. Although the paid version of this application is not given on the Google Play Store, then it does not mean that the file available here is not secured. Do not need to worry about the same as the file is safe and you will never face any kind of problems related to the application.

Game Keyboard for GTA VC APK 1.0.5

The wide format of this keyboard is notable and it can also be used in any game in an easy way. Give a try to this application and if it seems useful, then purchase the version as well. If you are facing any kind of problems while using this application, contact the developer of the android. With the help of root features, you can solve some of the issues related to the compatibility of the phone.

Game Keyboard for GTA VC Mod Apk Unlimited

To enter the cheat code quickly, choose the same from the customizable cheat codes. The links are not affiliated by the developer as well as from the publisher of this game. These keyboards support the new impartial mode on the rooted device and skip the requirements of the soft switching keyboard. After a long press to the display, the keyboard will appear on the screen of the game. Finally, input your cheats and activate the same. As a result, it is perfect for the people who would like to spend the most of the time on the games on their device.

  • This app is beneficial to you: Chatib

If you would like to play the games with the Gaming Keyboard, then you have to give a try to this keyboard. The link for downloading this game keyboard is given on the website and just with a single finger tap on the link, you can get the file and use the same to install the game keyboard into your device. The features of this gaming keyboard are quite beneficial for the players of GTA Vice City. If you are a beginner to this website, then the steps are already given on this page for the installation procedure. By following the steps, you can install the application and play the game as well.