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Kingdom Rush vengeance Apk With the increase of technology and users of mobile phones in the world, the reliance upon games has been increased. The game users have been increasing over time. The games are a great source of entertainment and stress buster. Many games has been released over years and been publicized largely. There are thousands of number of games out there which you can easily download and matches your taste as well. A single search leads you to so many options. Advancement is so that there are so many games that some of them go unnoticed and the one that are exceptionally well are getting famous.

Kingdom Rush

There are different genres in which games come. In genre of strategy one of the famous games is Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Most of the people these days are going on for racing and fighting games but one should try different genres as well. It is a bit less popular than other games. Most of the games can be downloaded for free and this game is one of them. People are usually reluctant from playing some games because they have to pay for it but if they are for free they surely gets ready to give it a try.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a bit large in size and the game needs to be downloaded with APK and OBB files which need manual installation. The game needs both the files to work. The game is just for educational purpose and if someone likes it then he can pay for it for getting full access to it.

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Features of Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Supreme Fighting Game

Players love fighting games these days. This is an ultimate fighting game for people who have interest in fighting games. This game is something different and unique and the plot of story line is different than usual games. The different thing in this game is that there are different types of battles which a player can fight. This is an ultimate game for people who like strategy battle games. It is easily accessible through mobile phones. It is sure that one will definitely like it once starts playing it.

Works Offline

The game works in both modes- online and offline. For people who do not use much data for them it is very convenient as it works offline as well. Some of the special options in games can be unlocked and used only if the device is connected to the internet. In case a person just wants to practice then playing it offline is the best thing as it saves both data usage and device battery. Another advantage is as everywhere internet connection is not available so it can be used even in those areas where internet lacks.

Free and Safe

The free trial version of game is totally free and safe. Usually people have perception that free things either comes with some problem or other way around but it is 100% safe. In order to get the right version and if one wants that it works properly, all the versions have to be installed properly. The free version does not mean that it is unsafe. It is totally safe if downloaded properly and installed well. APK and OBB files need to be first downloaded properly and then installed manually.

Unlock Secrets and Achievements

Every game gets different updates over time. Some updates bring major while some bring minor changes in the game. Some updates are just meant for bug fixing for better performance of game while some are for changing game settings and features. Similarly in this game, many updates have come over time. It is suggested that the latest one should be installed so that the new achievements can be achieved. Also, the new achievements will finally help the player to become the number one king in the game. The game is played according to levels and different things are opened once new level is cleared. So, in order to achieve new heights and know new secrets, new levels have to be cleared in the game.

Build your own army

The latest update of the game is out for downloading. The new update has introduced 17 new towers and 19 challenging stages which make it more interesting. In order to become the number one in kingdom rush vengeance, all 40 enemies have to be destroyed by updating the game and unlocking all the ten heroes that are available. The only thing that make you number is not only unlocking heroes but also upgrading the army so that they become more efficient to fight rivals. The equipments that are important to beat rivals also need an up gradation from time to time. Also, there are a lot of combinations out of which army can be formed. Different options are orcs, goblins, demons, dark knights, zombies and many more. The combination can be any of these.

File Information

The file size of Kingdom Rush Vengeance is 23.64 MB + 486 MB. The latest version of the game that is out is v1.8.1. This is the latest updated version that was out. The android version used is Android 4.4 and above. The game was developed by ‘Ironhide game studio’ and is the fourth game in the Kingdom Rush franchise. The last update that came out for this game was in September 2019. By now there are more than one million downloads of Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Different from other Kingdom Rush games

The Kingdom Rush Vengeance is different from previous Kingdom Rush games as the towers in this game starts with their unique quark already in place. Also, the vengeance gives the access to the boiler tower at level one only. The tower variety is appreciable. The map and enemy variety in the game is the star of game. The boss levels are fun and different enemies bring different kind of hurdles which is the fun part of the game. There are no save slots in this game.

Basic Story line

The basic story line of the game is that Vez’nan the dark lord escapes from the prison in order to find the tower invaded by King Denas. Vez’nan appoints the player as his arm general. Both player and Vez’nan try to liberate the tower and kill of every human there. The next motive of Vez’nan is to dominate the kingdom which they plan to do by defeating the kingdom’s closest allies that are the dwarves. Bolgur the king of Dwarves is defeated by them and he also procures a lot of funds from him which helps him in his campaign. After defeating Bolgur, the general and Vez’nan together defeats Arkuz in frozen north area of kingdom. The last invasion is in grasslands that comprise of Denas territory.

About the levels of game

The early stages are pretty with around five to ten waves of enemies, which increase to fifteen waves around halfway through the game. The later levels feel a bit longer as there is no option of speeding up the action. The game levels need specific devotion of time. It is not a game to be played in short bursts. It needs to be played for at least 30 minutes at a time. There is no pause in between waves and no saving feature is there. The progress can be lost if the game is left in middle.

Build towers

Each level of the game presents a pre-determined path, which has empty slots all around it, where the player can build towers. These are called Strategy points. The towers are of four types that are Mages, Archers, Barracks and Artillery. Every time player wants to build and upgrade a tower, he needs to pay a certain amount of money. Before beginning of every level, the player is awarded with certain fixed amount of money to build first towers. The towers help in killing the enemies as they emerge from one end of the path so that they cannot reach the other end. The towers are supported by spells and also some heroes. Another way of earning money is by killing enemies or calling enemy waves early. Money can be earned by selling the built towers as well. The towers effectiveness can be improved by stars earned by completing a level.

So this was all about Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the updated version. The game is for both android users and iOS users. It can be played on PC as well. There are many sources from where you can download the game and enjoy it. This game is an amazing option for players who love fighting games. The game has a very different story line and ways of fighting. The towers create an interest in new players to join. The game is fascinating and needs to be spread around the world so that people are attracted towards it. One with interest of fighting games should surely try this game. It makes one keen about knowing what new would be further there.