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For users of Skype and other streams the good news is that you can download the application in your android phone and chat and use multiple services, which it is providing. It’s as simple as that; it works only on android phones. Downloading this application is very simple. And it’s free of cost so now you can worry less and start using this app and enjoy its features. Go the website of and click on it. A new page will open and the page will display games and applications and have many options. Go on the top of the page in the right side you will see a search button. Enter the name droid camX pro and click on the search symbol. The application will be automatically displayed on your page below there will be download option; click on the download button the app will be downloaded in your system. The best part about this app is that you download the app on your desktop windows as well as on your android devices.

Droid CamX Pro

After you have downloaded the app on your phone you android phone will change your phone into a web cam that will be wireless. After it turns into a web cam you can use it to do live streaming, use it on Google + and also you can do chatting on Skype. It can be used as a digicam for surveillance. Or through your web browser you can use an IP address as a cam. It can be used on all systems. There are certain amazi8ng features of the droid camx, which you can use. Here’s the detail –

Download Droid CamX Pro

Amazing Features of Droid CamX –

  • The first and the foremost amazing feature is that it transforms one’s android device into a webcam which is wireless. Through this feature you can work on many stuffs wireless
  • You can do chatting on Skype plus there is a feature through which you can use other programs like for streaming videos, OBS, xsplits etc. or the best is YouTube.
  • Droid cam X Pro APK can also be used as a webcam IP on all kinds of network which uses an internet browser.
  • Another excellent feature of this droid camx pro is that you do chatting using sounds and pictures that too on your windows system.
  • This application can be downloaded for free from anywhere in the through the net. It can be downloaded on your android device as well as computer.

It is easy to use and at once transforms your android device into a webcam which becomes automatically wireless through which you can do long hours of chatting, browse on Google plus, do streaming and browsing other websites etc. it can also be used for the purpose of digicam reconnaissance. Next, it can also be used as an IP address on the cam; but it can be done only through web browser. Its version may differ. Also it may differ from system to system. Droid cam x pro can also be used as a camera for safety and it can also be used as a spy cam. Droid camx pro APK works with a user element of PC that installs the drivers of webcam that too on linux, windows and it automatically connects with your smartphone i.e. Android.

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It’s also important for you to know about the size, version and developers of the application of droid camx pro. The APK size which come s is 2 MB, The application has been installed by 50 thousand + users all over the world. The next is the version. So there is nothing to worry with it differs from system to system and device to device. The android app developer has around 47 Dev. apps. The droid camx pro apk comes in the latest version. So the users are advised to download the latest version of the application for better results and good features. The chatting can be done using voice and images it can be done using droid camx webcam. It can be easily connected with USB cable and Wi-Fi. The next amazing feature is that you can enjoy its HD mode video with 720p. It’s also has a boost FPS setting which comes up to more than 2x on few devices example if you Google Nexus. But the same cannot be featured in other devices. It differs from device to device and system to system.

The next best thing about this droid camx is that let the droid camx pro run in the background of your system or device and you can use the applications without camera. You can also do the surveillance i.e. have access to your cam and it can be easily done through browser. It can also be done through some other phone, or tablet your system etc. It has superlative camera features as it is able to control the flash, zoom and focus of the camera with much untold features which you can only experience. Whatever you want to save it can be easily done on your SD card or on the computer through client windows. So you don’t have to worry about losing your data in anyway. It has certain additional controlling features on windows client which can be mentioned as for ex the contrast, mirror, brightness and flip and much more. The design is very humble and well-organized which helps in saving a lot of space plus your battery is also saved.

Additional Features –

It has new additional features it has added balance of the white and locks the menu feature for exposure when it is connected to any device or system. Then it also helps the users with cherry-picking all the accessible cameras in the setting feature. So now whenever you go the camera you can wide range of options available and you can choose anyone from it and use it according your comfort. All the videos are successfully encoded and the encoding is also updated from time to time. Its updating will always remain complete. The users are recommended to use the latest version which comes in android 9 and also in android 8. The methods of downloading the application are very simple you can also visit the website And download the app from there. It’s easy simple and takes less time. It’s a time saving app it saves a lot of time, space and data is also saved appropriately in your sd card. You will get all the information regarding the installation and the usage of the app in the above mentioned website. There is a free version of droid cam which comes, so the users are also informed that it is always better that you first use the free version and see as to how the application works and then you can go ahead and download the other versions of the application of droid camx pro apk.

The droid camx pro is nothing less than a rock-bottom compared to the other webcams which is sold in the stores. There are certain important points which the users must note down and not get confused when using the application. If the app is not being downloaded via play store or the play store is unable to do the verification of the license of the application then the first thing which you are supposed to do is to log into your Google account wallet and cancel whatever you have clicked on to. And try again. For saving in your SD card the still image features you will have to go into the section where it is write 2 external storage. There are also additional feature in this application in which it may require USB connection also it can be needed for additional setting up. It should be supported by your device. As it has been said that the version may differ from system to system and features can also be seen differently.

If you are working on the linux system and want to upload this app then you can do it through dev. The only thing is that you will have to follow the instructions very aptly then only you can see the results. After you have followed the instructions after that it will start working like a charm. After the app is downloaded the it implements check sums. You can also suggest if you do not like the design. And if you are unable to see a clear screen or are seeing an orange colored screen then it may be possible that you did not follow the instruction of the application setting properly. All you have to do is debug the application through subspecialty when your phone is working. Or there could also be some other issue with your system that may be causing the disturbances. Next thing you can do is use your android device as a webcam it can be done on your windows system PC through usb, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The droid camx pro will also help in the surveillance. The new features of droid camx pro have LED light flash and zoom option is also available.