Drift Max Pro 2020

Drift Max Pro - Car Drifting Game with Racing Cars


Whenever it comes to racing games, drift max pro is one of the top games available out there. The game is viral around the Smartphone owners. But just like any other racing game, it has a few restrictions which are disliked by most of the Android gamers. Hence they look for the drift max pro mod apk.


Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020
Drift Max Pro 2020

So in case if you belong to the same category, then I am here to help you out. As in this article, I will be sharing a link to download drift max pro mod. But before that, let’s know what this mod is all about.

It is highly recommended to have a mobile phone with real-time GPS capabilities with Drift Max Pro MOD APK. A GPS can help you to locate the exact place of your choice. When you want to travel somewhere new and unknown, then this is the best option. The GPS enabled phones to help you navigate your vehicle and save your time too. If you want to travel long distances by car, then this is the best option for you.

This is a fantastic software that is not hard to install. It is not that complicated to download and install this on your own. Some of the other factors to consider before downloading the mod is the installation time. It can take some time to fix it so you have to choose the one which will take less time to invest. You must always make sure that the GPS enabled phone has been connected on your mobile phone already. There is no point in installing the same on your own if you do not have the mod already installed in your mobile phone.

There are many sites from where you can download the software, but it is better to make sure that the site does not offer any installation on your mobile phone and if there is, then make sure that it is not for free. If you get one that is not for free, then you will have a hard time uninstalling it. The software also comes with the option to change the background color, which is easy to do with the remote control. Most of the features in the mod are very useful. Most of the apps that are used in this mod are offered free from the company that makes them.

What is Drift Max Pro MOD APK?

Drift Max Pro is one of the top racing games made for smartphones. The Tiramisu developed the game. And this game is available for Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the game comes with amazing gameplay too. That is why the app has gained quite a lot of popularity. The app has over 10 million of reviews as well as the game has a 4.7 rating with 800k plus reviews on Google Play store alone. These are the data which helps us to understand how popular this game is.

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Moreover, the game is made for the kids too. It has a rating of 3+. So gamers from all the age group can play this game and have fun. As well as the best part of the game is that it is one of the most lightweight games out there.

The game size is less than 400MB, which is pretty interesting compared to any other racing games out there. So if you do not have a high-end device, this is one of the perfect games that you can play without facing any lags.

Talking about the game, well it is the successor for the Drift max which was one of the most popular drifting games that we have seen in the past. The game does not just offer you great gaming experience. But along with that, it allows you to experience an online multiplayer mode.

After all, who would not want to compete against other players and prove that they are the best gamer out there. In the game, you can compete with other players around the globe and stand a chance to win some exciting rewards and much more.

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However, there is not everything right about this game. In fact, in the original version of the game, you will get to see quite a lot of restrictions which ruins our user experience. Moreover, there are ads on the game which fails to offer us the best user experience. However, this is not the same case with the drift max pro mod apk.

As it is the hacked version of the original game. So whatever issues you are facing with the original game, you will not find them on this mod apk. Moreover, there are no ads. So your experience will be much better.

Anyway, to help you understand in a better way, let me tell you about the top features that this mod apk is offering:

Drift Max Pro MOD Download

Download APK

Download OBB

Drift Max Pro MOD APK Info

App Name Drift Max Pro
Category Racing
File Size 52M
Version 2.2.82
Supported Version 4.1 +
Updated January 3, 2020
Developer Tiramisu

What’s New?

OUR NEW EVENT, THE MUSCLE IS COMING! Complete all 15 days of the event for a chance to get behind the wheel of THE MUSCLE! You only have 15 days to complete all races, so don’t forget to check back every day! SEASONS GREETINGS! The New Year's sale has begun! Check the store now. BRAND NEW CUSTOMIZATION - NEON LIGHTS! Check out the modification store for neon light options. Minor UI improvements. Minor bug fixes.

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Fresh Gaming Concept

One of the biggest threats of any game developers out there is to lose users because of the repeated gameplay. After all, as a gamer, we do not want to play the same thing again and again. Instead, we need something which keeps us interested in and the game. So we can play it for a long time and have fun. And this is what the drift max pro does. It has a fresh gaming concept that is going to stay for a longer period. To keep you entertained, the game has quite a lot of gaming modes. As well as the weekly come up with new styles which enough to keep us entertained in the long run.

Car Modification

It always feels good when we can customize our car. Like it feels very personal. As well as there are quite a lot of people out there who very much enjoy designing their vehicles. So in case if you share the same love for car designing and making things more personal. Then this car racing game is a perfect option for you. The game allows you to customize your car completely. As well as there are 10 types of modifications that you can do in your vehicle. And some of these modifications are the:

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You can modify the car colors with tone. One is the matter, and another one is the colors. As well as there are graphical decals are also available. You will be able to customize the door and hood stickers. Rim color and model can be modified. Along with the wheels and a bunch of different things can be easily customized.

Game Modes

One of the best parts of this game is that it comes with quite a lot of game modes and you are free to explore all of these game modes free of costs. The game offers you gaming modes like Daily track race, or you can go for classic drift race. As well as there are drifting like Slalom Drifting, Cone Toppling, Perfect Drift Racing, Free Ride, and so on.

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Offline Gaming Experience

The thing with most of the racing games is that you do need a high connection internet to play those games smoothly. But since most of us are on mobile data, it is quite severe for us to do so. However, not to worry. This game offers you offline gaming experience. Even not just offline gaming experience, you can also enjoy online gaming experience too. The developers of the game designed max drift pro in a way that you are going to get a great experience even if you are online or offline.

Awesome Gaming Experience

The game is going to give you excellent gaming experience. It has so many levels that you can complete. Like it has 10 seasons and each of the seasons has about 100 degrees. So it is going to be a long game for you but a fun one. As well as while you play the game, you will get to play different levels and meet new difficulties. And I am pretty sure that you are going to enjoy all of them.

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No Ads

One of the best features of the magic titles mod apk is that there are no ads are available on this MOD APK. As a result, you will not get irritated at all. And have the best gaming experience possible. Generally, in the main game, you will get to see ads quite often, which is irritating. And there were quite a lot of people who complained about it too. But not anymore, you are now free of ads.

Everything is unlocked

In the original game, there are quite a lot of restrictions you get to see. Like to unlock a song, you have to reach a certain level. But the same case is not with the magic tiles 3 mod apk. Instead, everything comes unlocked. As a result, you do not have to play hard to spend your real money to unlock those things.

Drift Max Pro Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty simple. All you have to do is race and win every competition that comes on your way. However, that is not the whole point of the game. When you start the game, you will be able to choose your drift car. And the game has quite a lot of games out there. After that, you can customize each of the vehicles the way you want. Then you can either drift or race.

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As well as you will be able to pick your camera and change the way you look at the track. You can look at the record from the outside. Or to get a better experience, you can select the cockpit view. As well as there are a bunch of levels are available out there. And each of them comes with tough challenges. So you are going to have great fun.

How To Install Drift Max Pro MOD APK On Android?

Now that you have downloaded the mod apk, the next question is how to install Drift Max Pro MOD APK on your Android device. Well, before I go ahead and tell you how to fix it, you need to make sure that your app supports app installation from unknown sources.

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As we are installing the app from a third-party source and not the Google Play Store. Hence, it is required to enable the feature in the first place. If you have the option enabled you are good to go. Else, you have to follow these steps:

  • At first, go to the settings.
  • Then look for the additional settings.
  • Now open the privacy menu.
  • Enable the “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option and you are all done.

Once you are done installing the application, here are the steps that you have to follow to install the app on your Android phone. Follow these steps one by one:

Step 1: Tap on the Drift Max Pro MOD APK to start connecting the game.

Drift Max Pro install

Step 2: Then tap on the install button and wait for a few seconds.

Drift Max Pro installing

Step 3: Once you are done installing the app, you will find two buttons that are done and open. Tap on the Done button. (Make sure not to launch the game.)

Drift Max Pro installed

Step 4: Now, you have to download the OBB file.

Step 6: Once downloaded, locate the file in File Manager and copy it.

Step 7: Then go to the File Manager.

Step 8: Open the Android folder.

Step 9: Then open the OBB folder.

Step 10: In the simple past the OBB file over here and you are all done.

Now that you are done with all the steps, you are all set to start playing the game. So go back to the game and launch it and you will find that everything is working pretty fine.

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Can I Install Drift Max Pro MOD APK on PC?

Yes, you can. However, the steps would not be straightforward. First of all, you will need to use an Android emulator. For example, you can try out the Bluestacks. Then install the Android emulator on your PC. After that, you have to install the MOD APK on it. Once you are done installing the MOD APK, you have to install the OBB file, and you are all done.

Can I Install Drift Max Pro MOD APK on iPhone?

No, there is no way to install the Drift Max Pro MOD APK on an iPhone as Apple is quite strict about third-party app installation. Moreover, there is no hacked version available for iPhone users. So it is kind of impossible as of now.

Is Drift Max Pro MOD APK Safe?

Yes, the Drift Max Pro MOD APK is safe. It has no malware, nor it requires any special requests from your phone.

Final Words:

So that was all for the Drift Max Pro MOD APK. I hope this has cleared all your doubts. So go ahead and check out the game and see how it is working for you. Also, let me mention that the game requires no individual access. Nor you have to root your Android device.

Anyway, in the end, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out.

Drift Max Pro MOD APK Download Now
Drift Max Pro 2020

Whenever it comes to racing games, drift max pro is one of the top games available out there. The game is viral around the Smartphone owners. But just like

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