Pura TV is one of the most known applications amongst Android users, where videos can be easily downloaded from the internet and be enjoyed on our smartphones, even if you happen to have a slightly older version of Android. The minimum requirement of the operating system is Android 4.0.3.

With such a high-end technology in today’s era, we have let our TVs way behind even without our realization. We’ve been so busy in this hustle and bustle of our lives, we have forgotten how TV was the only entertainment source in our lives.


The high-end technology has taken its course in such a way that TV is that one last thing which we think about in our busy days yet, we are updated with all the TV shows and the other online streaming shows as well.

Ironic, much?

Well, yeah we humans are hypocrites and there’s no debate to that (we can save it for later, though).

It is a free application which can be downloaded without any trouble. However, since the app is no longer available on PlayStore for different reasons, the creators have managed its official website so that its users have access to download the application.

Download PuraTV App

These apps have replaced the TV so smoothly that we didn’t even acknowledge this change. Rather, it proved to be really convenient for us in a way that we can watch all those TV shows as well as the shows being streamed online. No doubt, watching television on smartphones has gained its popularity over time. And, this popularity has turned into such an addiction which none of us wants to leave.

This drastic change from TV to apps was bound to happen because this evolution started way back when YouTube was the only platform where online videos could be watched. Gradually movie updates started to come on this platform. The next thing which we knew was the emergence of our favorite apps!

It is an observed fact that the millennials enjoy the originals much more than the TV shows and those TV shows are watched by the older generation who are not so tech savvy. I mean they are the ones who’ve seen the widespread of TVs. They are at peace with their daily soaps. However, we millennials have seen the widespread of the apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Zee 5, Hotstar, and what not!

Likewise, PuraTV, an Android app, which can be used on a PC is popular in Chile. The app does not let you watch pirated channels or pay for streaming on your TV. This type of content disrupts copyright which isn’t allowed in the application. All the content which you watch on PuraTV is freely distributed.

Since it is a very instinctive application, it works in a very simple way. It chooses the categories that you like the most and selects the channels in order of preference.

This app is quite reliable, and thus, it is a highly recommended app amongst the lovers of applications. The app does not have any trick that conditions its free status. In addition, it receives updates on a regular basis which enhances its functionalities and categories. Thus, we will have a quality application which meets all our expectations.

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This application aims widely at entertainment through television programs, sports, series, movies, and what not.

The latest version of PuraTV app is 3.3.1, which is recommended to download. Now that we talk of downloading this app, let’s get an insight into the procedure of downloading, installation, and possible obstacles with their solutions.

Since the application is unavailable at Play Store, here are the steps to download the app on Android.

It is a free application which can be downloaded without any trouble, however, since the app is no longer available at PlayStore for different reasons, the creators have managed its official website so that its users have access to download the application.

The latest version of PuraTV app is 3.3.1, which is recommended to download. Now that we talk of downloading this app let’s get an insight into the procedure of downloading and installation.

Since the application is unavailable at Play Store, here are the steps to download the app on Android.

Download PuraTV App

The first step is fundamental – search PuraTV in Google, and you will see a series of options to download the APK. Then we have to select the link and start the download. No matter what link you choose, one must indicate “we are not a robot” without fail.

  • After this, you will be in a window indicating that the link is ready to download and then you have to click on “download” or where it says “get link“.
  • You should absolutely avoid or close any pop-up(s).
  • After this, a download page of Mega, Media Fire, or where the application is will appear on the screen.
  • Post which you will be proceeded to download PuraTV APK using the browser.
  • Next, all you have to do is wait for the download to complete, which depends on the speed of the internet.
  • Once the task is accomplished, it will present you with an option which says “save file” and then clicks on “accept” to save it.
  • And ta-da!, you have successfully downloaded the application on your Android.

Before you get to the application, there’s one more procedure to follow, which also is very simple. It is the procedure of installation if that’s on your mind.

Anyway, a requirement before starting the installation is to pre-register on the official website of PuraTV from where you have to create a username and password to access it from your Android device.

While requesting the installation, the application will require the email and password to access it. Now that we have the app downloaded, it must be made sure to activate the installation settings from unknown sources.

If the option is enabled, the installation will continue, as usual. However, if any notification pops up with this issue, you must access the configuration from where you’ll go to the security section and activate the permissions to install the applications.

Once you are through with this step, you have to click on the ‘install’ option to incorporate it into your device which will take a few minutes to complete.

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And when you have crossed this milestone, you are free to “open” the application and enjoy your favorite movies or shows.

To be honest, I have always found PCs more comfortable than phones to watch my favorite show. And, that’s what I recommend to others as well.

If you are just like me, then I am sure you must be wondering if you can install PuraTV APK on your PC. The answer to your dilemma is YES. You can have your favorite app with some simple steps, and you’ll be all good.

The prerequisite to install the app is to have access to an Android emulator on your PC.

Well, What’s an Emulator?

Well, emulator – a program to simulate the Android Operating System. The most popular emulators are Bluestack and Nox Player.

Once the task of downloading the app is completed, you have to install the app, which is free of cost and also, does not require you to create an account.

And when once installed, you must click on ‘More Applications’, a third option which appears below and then click the Google Chrome icon called ‘Browser’. This will take your web browser where you are required to revisit the website puratvapk.com and visit the download section.

Once you have accomplished this, all that’ll be left is to open the file and installation will be executed in your emulator.

And again, watch your favorite movies and shows comfortably!

It’s not that the watching shows on your phone are tedious sort of a task, it’s all about the comfort and for me that I find satisfaction in PC and TV.

Oh, wait! Did I forget to mention that you can use PuraTV APK on your Smart TV as well?

Well, yes… You can watch your favorite shows on your Smart TV, and there are three possible ways to install the app on your TV.

  • Nowadays, the television has operating systems installed, and if one of them is Android, which is where most of the times, you should proceed to download the app similarly as our phones.
  • A new device is coming up these days, known as Chromecast, which can be connected to our TV. This device allows us to establish a connection with any mobile device through the internet. Whatever you play on your phone, will be reflected on TV.
  • TV Boxes are manufactured with Android OS, so you can watch your favorite channels through Pura TV.

Despite its gaining popularity and demand, PuraTV is not available in the Apple Store. For iOS users, the possible solution is to use the app on a PC or watch it on their Smart TVs. (You can very well use the options 1st and 3rd stated above).

Not every task is a plain, simple cakewalk. Despite the creators’ effort to make the application efficient day by day, there are chances that you might face some issues when using it. We are presenting you with four possible inconveniences and their solutions as well.

  • It is a possibility that at times the internet connection of your device is failing and is interrupting you to see your favorite channels in PuraTV APK. To resolve this issue, you can access the configuration panel of the equipment or restart our router of Wifi to ensure the correct connection.
  • To have the perfect visualization in PuraTV APK, the internet speed should be higher than 10 or 15 megabytes.
  • There’s no doubt that you get several versions on the internet. Different versions have different adaptability to the type of Android Operating System you have in your device. To ensure the most effective way of installation and operation, you must download a version which would be completely compatible with your smartphone.
  • When a warning notification pops up on your phone related to storage space, it is expected that the app will stop unexpectedly, which may lead you to delete some data from the APK and restart it. Despite this, the most beautiful part of this app is the variety of channels which the app offers.It ranges from the Nationals of Chile, Sports to Nationals from all over the world, movies, culture, entertainment. In short, it is a small package of everything you desire for. This complete package will entertain us with our favorite channels at our own leisure time. Having TV at our own convenience is one thing which everyone desires for in such a hectic day-to-day schedule. One of the other benefits which come to my mind is that these apps cost much less than the cable bill.

    This business has come so down that the channels have started giving away the offers to the users, whereas these apps are making money with such a small amount. Besides the amount, these apps allow you to watch anything at any point in time, unlike TV shows which are time-bound. And, there’s no doubt that humans tend to do everything as per your mood.

    And if by any chance, you think you can survive without entertainment in your life, then my dear reader you are wrong because life is no fun without a pinch of spice, drama, and fights. Come on, you don’t always need people to add spice to your life and make it miserable. Do it through practical means, it will make you laugh and sometimes, cry too and will surely make you think again about a lot of things and thus, maybe change the perception towards life. Who knows?

    Despite all of these, one thing which you can never get from these apps is the feeling of satisfaction which one used to feel after watching their favorite shows with their family. And, feelings can never be replaced! The other thing which is missing from these apps (which I feel is the most important) is that you can’t fight with your siblings for the remote of the TV since you have your own gadgets to watch your shows on.Maybe the last paragraph won’t make much sense to the younger generation, it can only be understood by those who have experienced both the eras.