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We are the hypocrites of all times. Of course, we are humans, and we are bound to be hypocrites.

I have always failed to understand the last statement. Like why on earth, humans are the biggest hypocrites?

Don’t we have anything better to do or we’re just merely crazy enough or we can’t follow what we preach? Why do we have to be hypocrites? (Doesn’t this question bother you, or is it just me?)

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I’ll like to explain it with an example (This happened with me). I was seeing a therapist, and she told me how necessary it is to accept and move on in life. However, only to my disappointment, I got to know that she’s pretty much on the same page as I was. Her “motivational talks” were all in vain.

To share one of the incidents that happened to me, and I was confused with my core because of this question. Later to my dismay, I learned that there’s nothing I can do but accept.

No matter what you do or what you say, you’ll see a pinch of hypocrisy everywhere. And that is how the practical world works.

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It is easy to give a piece of advice, but it is not at all easy to follow. This is the reason we often find ourselves saying – Easier said than done, no?

But mind you, dear reader, hypocrisy is not all bad. It proves to be a lot helpful in certain situations. Situations from which you want to get your way out. Situations where you want to sound intelligent, but deep down, you’re aware that it isn’t going to happen.

Trust me with this; hypocrisy will get you out of situations you don’t want to deal with.

See, I told you hypocrisy is not all bad, it can prove to be helpful in dire situations.

Well, I can repeatedly go about hypocrisy (this being my favorite topic of discussion).

One of the topics which were subjected (are still being subjected) to hypocrisy are video games.

Who doesn’t like playing video games? Most of the younger generation loves to play video games for relaxation, and there’s no harm in it.

However, video games are still bad-mouthed; in fact, the government tends to ban the game when it gets popular. Well, the game became an addiction, rather than finding ways to get rid of this addiction, they decided to remove the game altogether, which according to me is not the ideal solution.

We have a strange habit of focusing only on the disadvantages. This habit of ours ends up overshadowing the advantages.

Playing video games has several advantages which we tend to ignore, by the way. I’m listing a few of them for you to understand the importance of video games.

Video games have proved to be the best way to improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, attention, problem-solving skills, and social skills as well.

Not only this but also video games enhances memory, multi-tasking skills, and is an excellent source of learning.

The question if video games are beneficial they why does it face so much criticism? This is mainly because we do not respect the boundaries of anything which we have. We tend to overuse as if it is running somewhere.

It is the result of our carelessness that “overuse” turns into a big-time addiction and affects our lives altogether,

We fail to see the motto of the makers of the game and start misusing it. If the habit does not become that much of a problem, then comes what message do we take away from the game?

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Most of the video games involve violence, stealing, and whatnot.

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What we need to do as responsible adults is to explain the difference between reality and the virtual reality of the games to the ones who are younger to us.

It is the younger generation which creates most of the chaos because every new gadget/game in the market is the “new cool,” and the pressure of peers to get into these things is hard for them to handle, and thus the chaos.

There are a lot of factors which contribute to addiction and adapting a game into a reality, which sometimes may involve danger to their lives.

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Such responses to a mere video game have forced the authorities to take strict action against it. To remove the problem from its core, they put a ban on it. According to me, this is not the quick solution, given that we have so much talent around us that if one of the hackers manage to get back the game in the market, the word spreads and everyone is still on it.

We need a way more concrete solution to that which would involve the parents, teachers, mentors – it should be the combined effort of the society and not just the government.

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The students or anyone for matter shouldn’t be deprived of the advantages of video games since they are beneficial. And amongst all the video games, Battle Royale games are one of the most played ones.

Among the Battle Royale games, Fortnite APK is one of the best ones. This game started from scratch with the gameplay of PUBG, which became a role model for games like Fortcraft, Project: Battle, to name a few.

What makes this game attractive to the players is its unique gameplay and humor graphics, which has received a lot of confidence in the makers and backing up from gamers all over the world.

Fortnite Battle Royale is similar to Battlegrounds on everything from shooting mechanism to survival factor.

Both the games start at a transfer station from where you are dropped on a wild island with 99 other players. Then you are required to move in between the buildings on the island to collect weapons, shield, resources, and other supplies. You should always remember that storm eye is shrinking and moving if you are willing to win at the end. Always remember to encounter another player with a headshot; otherwise, you will get killed before you understand what’s going on.

Survival is the most important thing, among other things.

The game Fortnite: Battle Royale APK, though same as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, what makes it stand out from these games is the fact that it allows the gamer to collect wood, metal, stone by breaking demolition works on the island. The materials stolen can be used to build defensive structures.

The weapon system in the game is relatively unique, and each weapon has its discrete advantages and should be used as per each case.

The game has several modes – single player, where you have to confront 99 other players, and multiplayer, wherein you can play with your four friends, in this mode you can assist your friends in destroying other players and become the only surviving team. The other extra ways of this game are 50vs50 mode, zombie killing, and optional mapping.

Fortnite Mobile: Battle Royale version has original design compared to the PC or console. It does not reach the original graphics; however, it works for pretty well for a mobile game. The graphics quality of the game is superior to the standard mobile game graphics of today. The design of the joystick is basic as other games.

The virtual keys of the joystick are placed in the most optimal position as per the comfort of the player which sustains the energy of the players and does not end you up in fatigue when you’re fighting for a long time. When you want to shoot, you can touch the screen part to the right. And when the ammunition runs out, the game loads automatically.

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There are new weekly updates, new patches, and new items. The updates make the game fresh and attractive for the players.

The real question that comes up is – Which game to play: Fortnite or PUBG Mobile? Fortnite is based on the sandbox gameplay, which has a lot of attractions such as building, trapping, or gathering. Fortnite Mobile: Battle Royale is worth playing and is the future of mobile gaming as well.

There are more than 30 versions available for this game, and the newest version is 9.30.2. There has been a significant update in 2019, with new events, costumes, and new characters.

Now, How to download the game?

Here’s the drill – Either download it from Google PlayStore or search it on Google, and you will be flashed with many websites from where you can download the game.

Download Fortnite – Battle Royale Apk For Android

Download Fortnite Installer Apk

Download Fortnite Apk

How would you install an APK app?

If you are willing to install an APK app, one needs to make sure that your phone is allowed to download apps from third-party apps.

All you have to do is – Settings > Privacy and selecting Unknown Sources.

Even though I mentioned the pros of playing video games at the beginning of the article, however, if played in excess, video games can have grave repercussions. The video games can also make you end up with behavioral and mental changes, lack of other hobbies, and poor academic performance.

Sitting in one place can make one lazy and obese. The addiction to games has resulted in slowing down of brain growth. And of course, the gaming addiction negatively affects eyesight and can lead you to have insomnia.

Once these games become an addiction or if you manage to notice symptoms of the habit at an early stage, corrective steps should be taken to do the damage control.

Once the damage is already done, it is quite challenging to undo the damage, almost impossible.

There’s a fragile line between getting addicted to the game and playing for relaxation? It’s today’s generation when they don’t know the meaning of moderation. We like to do everything in excess, and so we always end up being in trouble, be it trouble for addiction or any other thing.

Gaming Pictures:

Battle Royale 1
Battle Royale 2

When a game becomes an addiction, it becomes difficult for the players and their families to deal with it. Uh, that’s what happened with PUBG which ultimately led to the ban of the game.

People died because of this game… the game has been played for straight 6-8 hours, and they’ve ended up with cardiac arrests. The worst case scenarios were of suicides when the players committed suicide because of this game. One of the cases was when a student committed suicide because his parents didn’t let him buy a new smartphone to play this game.

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The addiction to video games has resulted in death… which were so devastating for the families. News like these defeats the aim of the makers of the game, which was initially the relaxation; however, when it ends up in the death of students, it just devastates the creators of the game.

Life is a challenging journey, and there’s no argument about that. However, ending that life just because of a mere video game, it’s just not worth it. Life is way more meaningful and worth a video game.

Well, enough with the morals… the advantages of playing video games are not a mystery to anyone now. The video games have proved to treat dyslexia as well, so you see it is not all bad, and it is all no good only because these games are not played in moderation.

Besides all of this, I will recommend you to play Fortnite over PUBG or any other Battle Royale game at any given point of time because Fortnite is the new cool in the market.

Happy Playing to you!