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In today’s world, video-on-demand applications are trending in all the developing countries. All of these applications give the users the ability to watch all the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows on just a click of your Android Phone. After the release of the film in a week, you get that movie on the application. It is incredibly convenient to watch all of your favourite movies on your mobile phone instead of going to the multiplex every weekend. Other than film, there are latest videos of all the popular TV series that are available on this video-on-demand applications. One of the most appreciated and popular video on demand application goes by the name of Cinema APK. It is easily installable on your smartphone as per your comfort. You can also check this app mydccu mobile banking

Heretofore this app is known as Cinema Apk or HD Cinema APK. It lets you stream and explore the humongous amount of Hollywood movies and tv shows on a click. Unlike all the other video-on-demand applications, the use of Cinema APK is legal because this app does not stream from torrents. The beauty or attractiveness of this app is content management. The content management team of Cinema APK appends the latest content regularly. Therefore, the users have to hardly face a situation where they are not able to detect a particular video content on this application.
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Download Cinema APK Apk

The list or inventory of Cinema APK is pretty big. There are almost all the latest and popular Hollywood flicks along with TV series on this app. Additionally, the content is available in high definition with a resolution that is up to 720p and 1080p.

The User Interface is clean and beautiful. It is effortless to use this application. The movie and TV show section is separate. There is also a search bar that is available on the main screen via which you can directly search your favourite content to be streamed. Cinema APK is a very lightweight application and does not burden your smartphone in any way. So if your phone has any space-related issues, you are safe as Cinema APK requires minimum space to install on your android smartphone.

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Also, the application is free to use. There is no hidden costs and in-app purchases on this app.

You even do not require to sign up to use this application. Cinema APK does not ask you for any personal details like mobile number or email to run. All you got to do is install the application and launch it. You do not need to create any ID to use this app.

But the latest Cinema APK is not ad-free. There are certain ads present on the app. But they are not disturbing or annoying at all. They do not pop up in between the content while you are watching. Till now there are no complaints about the buffering problem. So if you have a good internet connection, there will be no problem with buffering that you will face with Cinema APK.
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The application is entirely free to use. There are no hidden costs or any in-app purchases.

You do not have to register or sign-up to utilize the application. Cinema APK also doesn’t ask for your phone number or email address to run. All you ought to do is install the app and launch it. Creating an ID is also not required in using the Cinema APK. So if you have any good internet connection, you will not face any buffering issues with the Cinema APK. It is agreeable that with all of these features are indeed rocking.

Cinema APK is an app that acts as a search engine to scrape up hyperlinks and content publicly available on the internet. HD movies are primarily for smartphones, but users also have the option to utilize features and benefits of it on their laptops, PC and even on Fire Stick.

This app is a simple and hassles free process which has an elegant and user-friendly interface.

Cinema APK is a boon to all the movie lovers out there as all the content is quality and with no added registration and hidden payments whatsoever. It is one of the best apps in this particular domain. The Cinema app does not host any of the content and even acts as a web crawler.

There are a lot of services where you can watch movies and other things, but they are not free. You also need to subscribe to use them. Android users can easily download and install Cinema APK for seamless viewing experience on their smartphones.

Features of Cinema APK on Android

Before moving anywhere further, it is necessary to learn about a cool new feature that Cinema APK provides. The feature is ‘Place a Request’ present in the application. All of because of the development team and their aid and assistance, these features help you to send a request to the content management team to add appropriate content in the application. This is done on your priority basis if the equivalent is not available.

Functions of the Cinema APK application

  • 100% FREE

This application does not even require registration and subscription to use it. It has no ads too. You can watch free whenever you want and how much you want.


This application has a pretty great interface. It is smooth to use and can be used by people of all the ages: And you can choose categories and any movies from the series.


Cinema APK has a database that stores all the latest movies and series in HD quality. The database is continually updated and quite frequently because you can watch the most recent productions just after the premiere itself.


Every film or TV series has its information. So before you view the material, you can always check the details and outline of the plot, user evaluation, year of production and read comments.


The application always offers free downloads to all the movies and TV series content that it stores. You can download this content in HD quality on your device and watch it without internet access.

  • Favourite BOOK

Any movie can be saved in the Favourites tab so that you can watch it later without wasting any time searching for it in the database of thousands of videos.


Cinema app has about 60 categories of movies and series. The application has many languages that you can choose from. There is an option to change colour and fonts as well as you have several original movies from which you can choose from.


App NameApp Name
Last UpdatedMarch 17, 2019
RequirementAndroid 4.1 or later
File Size15.6 MB

Steps to install and download Cinema APK.

Download Cinema APK Apk

Step 1:

Download the APK file for Cinema from an authentic source.

Step 2:

Go to download place where the downloaded file is kept.

Step 3:

Now tap on the app and click on the install option.

Step 4:

Turn on the Unknown sources option for this app. Follow these steps to do this, head to Apps & Notifications -> Cinema -> Advanced -> Install Unknows Apps. Swipe left for allowing from this source option.

Step 5:

Come back to the home screen and enjoy your HD quality video and movies. Stream from any device and anywhere you want.

Regrettably, the Cinema APK iOS version of the app is not available.

The installation process may take up to a few minutes, so you need to wait for it to be completed. After the installation is over, the icon of the app appears on the home screen of your smartphone.

Once the installation and download are complete, you can navigate throughout the app and explore all the features that it provides for a smooth and happening experience for its users.

Once you have launched the application, there is a list of famous Hollywood movies that will be displayed as your greeting. If you want to browse the TV shows menu you can click on the TV shows menu button available on the top left corner of the application.

To watch any movie or tv show, you require to select the content and tap on Watch button. You can select subtitles in the playback as well. Cinema APk supports subtitles of over 20 international languages. All this means that you can watch all of the accessible content of the regions as well as local dialect too.

There are no faults or inaccuracies in the Cinema App. This app is most probably a bug due to the device. The following steps can rectify this. You need to force stop the app and close it; then you can open it again.

There will be a message that will pop up on the screen. Click on the Don’t Show Again option.

Then tap on the OK button in the disclaimer window that is shown on the screen.

SO these all are the steps to download and install Cinema APk on your android mobile or tablets. If there is an issue, you face in the running of the app or the installation process; you have to follow the steps carefully and again.

Cinema APk always welcomes feedback. You can write to them about whatever problem you are facing, and it will be rectified accordingly.

After Terrarium TV was shut down, people started looking for different alternatives to fill the void. They searched and browsed so they could find the entertainment app, which is very flexible like CInema app. Cinema APK is a perfect movies and TV series organizer app.  This is the best replacement for any app.

This is an all in one app which provides you with almost everything you want to watch. The quality is also High definition. It is compatible with most of the devices. It is free to use and requires no registration and not even a penny or credit card details. You have to install it, and you are good to go for a long time.

Final Words

Cinema APK is one of the best entertainment apps that has ever existed after Terrarium. It is an app which is smooth in its functioning and protocol. This app provides features that are provided in no other app. It is the epitome of all you need in one app. It has no hassle of registration and providing your details, and so on. No credit card details or any in-app purchases are required. Every movie in its database is free yet in the best of quality that is possible. You have to follow the steps and install the app properly, and then you can launch it and browse through all the movies, tv shows from various genres. Details about each video are fully trusted and available. Whether it is the cast, the story outline, year of production, ratings etc. everything is possible on just a click.

Cinema app is the most useful app when you are bored and want to watch a movie. It also gives you a feature of offline downloading that movie or tv show. You can easily download whatever you like so that you can watch later. This app is very user-friendly in the means that any person whatever his age is can use this app without any difficulty whatsoever. There is no hardship in its functioning.

It also helps us with a feature where we can add to the favourite list our most favourite video from all of the content. One more exclusive thing that this app offers is about content management. The content management team of this app ensures that all the latest movies are added as per their release dates. They do not lag in their data. This app takes up minimal space on your mobile phone and does not initiate any obstructions in the working of the smartphone.

All in all, the Cinema APK app is the best app for viewing tv shows and movies for free. It is a highly recommended entertainment app to be exiting. Happy Viewing!