Bus Rush 2023

Bus rush is a game just like that of a Subway Surfer. In this game, you have a bus instead of trains. Bus rush can be played on Android as well as iOS. It more than 100 million downloads now. The game consists of intelligent and attractive graphics and has acquired a rating of 4.1 stars.

As soon as the Apk File Format was created, there was an apk Hurry Mod. This was very popular and for Android phones. Unfortunately, the android team revealed that the apk Rush Mod was taking up a great deal of room. There were also plenty of copy/paste errors on the apparatus, which was an issue because it took them too long to download the program. The Google team decided to merge the Apk Mod to the android system and have united the file to the most critical APK which aided the evolution of the android platform as well as for users.

Many users are deciding to stay with the Bus Hurry Mod. If you are interested in finding the Apk Rush Mod, you should be aware this apk was designed to be used in conjunction with Bus Rush and it is not required to get Bus Rush in your phone to utilize the Apk Rush Mod. The Apk Rush Mod is just a download manager for Bus Hurry. The Apk Hurry Mod will automatically backup all your Bus Hurry files to your PC. If your phone is connected to your personal computer and you would like to conserve time, then it’s possible to backup your Bus Rush files in the same way that you do when you create copies to your PC. All you’ve got to do is go to Settings – > System and then Apps and scroll down till you see”Bus Hurry”. Then you can enable the Bus Rush Manager and all of your Bus Rush files will be saved to your PC.

Bus Rush has come from several various dos versions. The Apk Rush Mod has been designed to run on any version of Bus Hurry. For example, if you’ve got a Samsung phone and want to use Bus Hurry, then the Apk Hurry Mod is for you. If you’ve got a Motorola phone and wish to use Bus Hurry, then the Apk Rush Mod is for you.


Bus Rush is an action game. It is made by Play365. It was first launched on 26/011/2017 and is available till date. It is available in the English language and has many different versions available.

  1. 1.15.7
  2. 1.15.6
  3. 1.15.5
  4. 1.12
  5. 1.11
  6. 1.10
  7. 1.15.11
  8. 1.15.2
  9. 1.15.1
  10. 1.0.6
  11. 1.0.5
  12. 1.0.0
  13. 8.9
  14. 1.0.7
  15. 1.0.8
  16. 1.0.10
  17. 1.0.12
  18. 1.0.13
  19. 1.0.14


The game starts with a gorilla, who is angry and anxious because of the little guy who makes faces at him. Our little hero is in danger now and has to run from the gorilla. On his way, he experiences lots of obstacles all the while being chased by the gorilla. In the new version of this game, we see the boy chasing buses. Buses are the obstacles here. Gorilla has been replaced by the bus. To make it interesting, the user talent should involve flash lightning on every click.

Download Bus Rush Mod Apk

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Bus Rush Mod Apk File Info

AppBus Rush Mod
Size69.3 MB
Last Update
Requires Android4.1 and up

What’s New?

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Installation Instructions

Bus Rush installation


Unlimited Gold/Cash – you can collect coins while chasing the buses which can further be used to upgrade your character or buy new items.

Unlimited Gems – helps to resume level when your character dies.

Unlocked Characters – you can choose from 10 characters available which get unlocked as you move further in the game. You also get a variety of surfer boards.

Improve Performance – to boost your performance; you have many activations like jetpack, boots, etc.

Scenarios – In the game, you have three of the- town beach and forest.

Inclusions – there are many different features added to this game, like a super jumper, magnet, etc.

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Bus Rush Mod Apk For PC

For enjoying this chasing experience on a bigger screen, get yourself an android emulator and you are done.


You must have administrative rights for downloading the game.

To play the game without bugs and fixes, make sure you have at least a space of 2 GB.

If not, then have 4GB space installed into your computer.

Make sure you have compatible graphics drivers.


After downloading the app, go to the app section and settings.

In the bottom right corner, you will find a + icon that will open file explorer.

Select your file and wait for it to get installed.

Advantages of Running Mobile Games

Produce better Surgeons Players who play more than 3 hours per week have less chance of making errors during procedures compared to non-gamers.

Overcome Dyslexia Games require an instantly constantly changing environment that requires your intense focus thus improving dyslexics.

Slow the Aging Process Leads to an increase in cognitive functioning after some routine hours of play.

Ease Pain Produces analgesic, a pain-killing response to our system and also distract you from paying attention to the pain.

Faster Decisions Players are forced to adapt quickly with the constantly displayed information, helps them in reacting in a split second.

Reduce Certain Stress titles of the game reduces the adrenaline response by 50 percent.

The game makes you happy with its appearance the colorful and unique destinations bring a smile to your face and sparkle to your eyes. The thrill of racing and jumping every obstacle diverts you from your reality. You challenge yourself every time to be better than before.

The swirl movements on the circuit excite you and different locations never making you feel bored and get out of touch with.

The characters are funny and quirky to play with makes it attractive for the user to play and also interest different age groups.

Tips to Play

  1. Avoid Sprites on Screen

The bigger the sprite the slower it would be

  1. Avoid Sprite Resizing and Rotation

Adjusting size/height/width are all performance killer

  1. Avoid Sprite Effects

Adding effects like opacity and fade behavior will create a distraction

  1. Don’t use a text object

Rendering text is very inefficient

  1. A Scroll is faster than moving

Don’t move everything, try scrolling your view.

Bus Rush Multiplayer Mod Apk

This is your guy if you want to challenge people all around the world for Head-on-race. You can choose from 4 different characters and style them with amazing outfits.

The game makes you forget the bad day you had or has your back when you are getting bored. It is a very colorful and cheerful game which takes you to many different and colorful locations.

You need to keep running as quickly as possible to use a variety of accelerators, a jetpack or some other jumpers. Keep driving on mind-blowing circuits in the Rush City Bus. To jump touch the screen or drag to move left or right. For best efficiency try avoiding bumping trucks, buses and trains.