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UpCall - CallerID&Spam Numbers APK Free

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Version: 4.0.4.PROD

Requirements: Android 4.2+

The description of UpCall - CallerID&Spam Numbers APK Free

When an unknown number calls you, through UpCall you can see who is calling while your phone is ringing, you can add subject and picture to your calls, make group calls, be informed of spam calls and search for unknown numbers.

UpCall is a free of charge app that differentiates Turkcell customers call experience. It includes many features;

• Caller ID
• Call with Subject and Picture
• Group Call
• Smart Phonebook
• All Calls on One Screen
• Spam Call
• Emergency Numbers
• Do Not Disturb

Caller ID:
You can see who is calling when an unknown number calls you even the caller is not saved in your phone book. To take advantage of this feature, the person who is calling you must approve that his name details to be shared.

Call with Subject and Picture:
You can add a subject/note to your call and ensure that the person you’re calling sees your note when his phone is ringing and answer your call or you can add a picture with your note to make fun calls. To take advantage of this feature, the person you’re calling should also have the UpCall installed.

Group Call:
You can create a group on UpCall, call your contacts in the group with a single click at the same time. You can also add other operator subscribers to a group call.

Smart Phonebook:
Thanks to UpCall you can find and call unknown numbers. You can search for a number by typing the owner name, or search for the owner name by typing his number. In addition, you can search for a location number by typing only the place name, view its location on map and draw the route to that place.

All Calls on One Screen:
You can see all of your calls on one screen other than your phone call screen, for example, you can also see those who call when your phone is turned off, unreachable or busy.In addition,if you use KimAramış/Ekstra, CepAçık/Ekstra, ŞimdiAra, KimArıyor services, you will receive app notifications instead of SMS.

Spam Call:
When you receive a call that you do not want to answer, you can be notified through the alert without answering the call.

Emergency Numbers:
You can easily reach emergency numbers for free and find and call the nearest pharmacies with a single click.

Do Not Disturb:
Those who call you when your phone is open will hear the announcement “The person you call cannot be reached”, but you will see who is calling through notifications received.
Turkcell subscribers can use this application.

You can communicate all suggestions and complaints using the “CONTACT US” section under the “HELP & SUPPORT” menu in the application.

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What's new

We have updated the profile page design and experience to make easier for you to find and call contacts in your phone book. You can also add to your calls, subject, picture and Emocan in a more practical way to make fun calls.
We continue to improve both experience and performance to deliver you a better app.

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3. UpCall - CallerID&Spam Numbers 3.45.4.PROD APK (2017-06-09, 41.834.985 bytes)

4. UpCall - CallerID&Spam Numbers 3.40.5.PROD APK (2017-05-29, 40.047.909 bytes)

5. UpCall - CallerID&Spam Numbers 3.40.4.PROD APK (2017-05-03, 33.898.667 bytes)

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