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Requirements: Android 4.1+

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7 day free trial version of "MyAV" an unofficial WI-Fi remote control for Samsung Smart Televisions (2010-2017) & Blu-ray Players (2012/2013).
-Now supports 2016/2017 K & Q Series TVs
-Works with most Smart Samsung TVs (Including H-Series(2014) & J-Series (2015) except J6203, J6200, J5200, H6003,H6103,H6153,H6201,H6203, H5201 and H5203.
-No IR blaster needed
-Works over Wi-Fi (and IR if present)
-Can control 1000s of different devices, not just Samsung.
-Channel shortcut buttons for lots of countries
-Separate HDMI input buttons (F/H/J series)
-Keyboard input (F series)
-Power up from standby using Wake On Lan for K/Q series models with the latest firmware

Your Samsung Smart TV must be connect to your router AND YOUR ROUTER MUST HAVE uPnP ENABLED.
If you have a Samsung device with an IR blaster, this will be detected by MyAV and older IR equipment can be controlled too. You can also use this to power on your TV when it is in standby as the network/wi-fi is turned off.
This app can control more than just Samsung, it can do DirecTV, SKYHD, AV Receivers etc a full list on our website.

For the many countries channel shortcuts are available. These can be renumbered by dragging them to the pop-up keypad that appears when you long-click on a shortcut.
Has discrete HDMI input buttons (F/H/J series)

Please turn off the auto update for software updates on your Smart TV in the "support" part of the menu as Samsung may remove the remote control functionality. For some strange reason Samsung no longer support remote control over Wi-Fi with an official app, so it is a real possibility that they may remove the function from the TV.

For H-J series set the app may take a few seconds to connect to the TV, please be patient.

Samsung Smart Televisions
2017: Q/M-series - All smart TV models
2016: K-series - All smart TV models
2015: J-series - All smart TV models(except J6203, J6200, J5200)
2014: H-series - All smart TV models(except H6003,H6103,H6153,H6201,H6203, H5201 and H5203)

2013: F-series - UE32F5500 (tested), UE65F9000, PS64F8500, PS51F8500, PS60F5500, PS51F5500, PS51F4900, PS43F4900, PS51F4500, PS43F4500, PS64E8000, PS51E80000, UN75F8000, UN65F8000, UN60F8000, UN55F8000, UN46F80000, PN64F85000, PN60F8500, PN51F85000, UN60F7500, UN55F7500, UN46F7500, PN64F5500, PN60F5500, PN51F5500, UN55F74500, UN70F7100, UN65F71000, UN60F71000, UN55F7100, UN46F71000, UN65F7050, UN60F7050, UN55F7050, UN55F6800, UN50F6800, UN46F6800, UN75F6400, UN65F6400, UN60F6400, UN55F6400, UN50F6400, UN46F6400, UN40F6400, UN32F6400, UN75F6300, UN65F6300, UN60F6300, UN55F6300, UN50F6300, UN46F6300, UN40F6300, UN32F6300,
UN50F5500, UN46F5500, UN40F5500, UN32F55000, UN50F5500, UN46F5500, UN40F5500, UN32F5500, UN50F5500, UN46F5500, UN40F5500, UN32F5500, UN65F6350, UN60F6350, UN55F6350, UN50F6350, UN46F6350, UN40F6350, UE46F6600, UE46F6200,UN60FH6200, UA50F6800,

2012: E-series - PN64E8000, PN60E8000, PN51E8000, PN64E7000, PN60E7000, PN51E7000, PN60E6500, PN51E6500, PN64E550, PN60E550, PN51E5500, UE40EH5300, UE32EH5300, UE46EH5300, UE64E800, UE51E800, UE64E6500, UE51E6500, UE64E550, UE51E550, UE75ES900, UE65ES800, UE64ES800, UE55ES800, UE51ES800, UE46ES800, UE40ES800, UE55ES700, UE46ES700, UE40ES700

2011: D-series - xxxxD8090, xxxxD8080, xxxxD8000, xxxxD7090, xxxxD7050, xxxxD7000, xxxxD6960, xxxxD6900, xxxxD6920, xxxxD6530, xxxxD6520, xxxxD6500, xxxxD6450, xxxxD6420, xxxxD6400, xxxxD6050, xxxxD6000, xxxxD5720, xxxxD5700, xxxxD5580, xxxxD5550, xxxxD5500, xxxxD5520, xxxxD5000, PN51D550, UE40D6100, UE40D6200, PS43E490, UN46D6900, UN55D6300, UE40D6750, LN40D550

2010: C-series - xx65C8000, xx60C8000, xx55C8000, xx50C8000, xx46C8000, xx40C8000, xx60C7700, xx55C7700, xx50C7700, xx46C7700, xx40C7700, xx55C7000, xx50C7000, xx46C7000, xx40C7000, xx55C6800, xx40C6800

Samsung Smart Blu-Ray players
2013: BD-F6500 (tested), BD-F7500, BDF5900
2012: BD-E5700, BD-E5900, BD-ES6000, BD-ES6500,BDE5500
2011: BD-D6700, BD-D6500, BDD5700, BDD5300

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What's new

Updated French and British channel logos
SkyQ Support
Sky+HD improvements
Freebox Revolution V6 Support
Infomir Mag Support (manual search required)
Last device memory (when no AVR present)
New Colour Scheme (can be changed back to old look in setup)

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